ACNH Campsite Glitch 2022 - Campsite Villagers Swap & Move In Glitch In Animal Crossing
7/18/2022 9:59:27 AM

There have been many glitches in Animal Crossing New Horizons since the launch. Most famously the fourth-tier exploit allows you to jump out of bounds onto the highest level and at one point decorate. There's even been the secret waterfall glitch that allowed players to make secret entrances behind waterfalls and jump through them. ACNH version 2.0.5 update is the most recent update, there are still a handful of these glitches present in the game. One pretty significant issue surrounds the campsite because part of this mechanic is completely broken and it gets even worse if you use amiibo. Today, we bring you the best ACNH campsite glitch 2022 causes campsite villagers to become temporarily voided.


ACNH Campsite Glitch 2.05 - Animal Crossing New Horizons Campsite Villagers Guide 2022

The campsite is a facility in Animal Crossing that when placed on your island allows villagers who don't live on your island to visit randomly. There's no real pattern to their visits but there's a chance someone will visit after two days of no visitors with the odds increasing as the days go by until someone eventually camps. This is a great way to meet villagers you've never seen before, a great way to move into new villages, and thanks to amiibo a super fast way of forcing your favorite animals to become residents. Unfortunately under certain conditions, the means of inviting villagers to move in from the campsite is broken and not how the mechanic is expected to work at all.


ACNH Campsite Villagers Swap & Move In  Method

The first issue surrounds random villagers. Those are the ones that naturally spawn at the campsite and haven't been previously invited. Now as you know if you keep asking the villager eventually, you'll likely get the chance to ask them to move in permanently and become a resident. In most cases especially if you've already filled all 10 plots on your island, you'll likely have to ask a current resident to leave to make space. But if you persuade the camper to replace a resident that happens to already be leaving. 

For example, the villager announced yesterday they were planning on moving out and you agreed. There's a chance you could temporarily send the camper into the void and instead a random villager replaces the resident that moved out. This only occurs if the camper is replacing a villager who's already moving out. This is likely because the game has already spawned their replacement in the background and knows who it's going to be. 

So by the time you persuade a camper to move in their place. There's no room so they're voided. Technically voided as you will eventually see them again. Every island has its own move in queue and that's basically 4 predefined animals that are next in line to auto fill plots. These are generally picked at random by the game but are often animals who have left other islands that you visited as they were moving out. Anyway the camper you persuaded to move in in the place of the villager that's already leaving gets added to this move in queue instead. So technically, you will eventually meet them one day.


Now moving on this whole broken campsite issue becomes even worse. If you invite the camper to your campsite using amiibo. Because if you invite a camper using amiibo, then persuade them to move in and replace a villager who's already officially leaving. Technically already has an autofill replacement. The villager of course joins the move-in queue except for this time the amiibo card used to invite them is essentially blocked. Meaning you can't reinvite the villager back to your campsite, even though they're not in your town. So under these conditions, you have a villager who's moved out, a random villager who's moved in their place, a camper from an amiibo card that's been temporarily voided, and a blocked amiibo. 

Fortunately like the random villagers, this isn't forever and you will eventually see them again. In both of these instances, whether it's a natural villager or an amiibo villager, they join the move-in queue and will eventually move into your island automatically when someone randomly moves out. So the only real solution is to allow 4 villagers to move away freeing up some plots and allowing the move-in queue to move in until the camper that was temporarily voided arrives. This of course unlocks the amiibo too but you won't really be able to use it anyway unless the camper that became a resident then moves out.


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