Animal Crossing New Horizons Update News - Why ACNH Stop Updates?
7/14/2022 11:11:23 AM

Nintendo did surprise many Animal Crossing fans last year when they confirmed that they would not see any more free content updates for the game.

But what was even more surprising was that Nintendo later confirmed that the Happy in Paradise DLC was theirs and the game's only DLC, a huge missed opportunity for a game that has set sales records, still has a huge fan base and looks like Nintendo is very eager to finish it. No more free ACNH updates, would like to see more DLC and would certainly be happy to offer Nintendo more money.


Animal Crossing New Horizons Update News - Why ACNH Stop Updates?

Splatoon 3 release

Nintendo is creating more content and updates for New Horizons, and one of the biggest reasons Nintendo stopped New Horizons was the looming release of Splatoon 3. Now, Splatoon 3 is indeed a big upcoming game for Nintendo, and they want to give a lot of attention to it, and it's also worth considering that there's a lot of audience overlap, such as a lot of people who play Splatoon and also play Animal Crossing, but one of the bigger reasons people tend to cite is that some of the developers working on Animal Crossing New Horizons are also currently working on Splatoon franchise, the best example of which is Hisashi Nogami, who is the producer of Splatoon 3 and Animal Crossing New Horizons. Despite this, the development of Splatoon 3 is the reason why Nintendo stopped updating and more DLC for New Horizons.

Developers working on different projects

First of all, it is worth considering that Nintendo is a large company and many developers work on different projects for them, although some senior members of Nintendo may work on more than one project, for example, Nogami may have many, they have developers with their specialized departments and they tend to focus on one or two franchises. After all, it can be seen that Nogami does not have any overlap and that every member of the animal crossing team will suddenly shift their attention to Splatoon Ople as some pe do it can be proven by the fact that Nintendo is still developing ACNH updates throughout 2021 with animal crossing new horizons in mind 2.0 update and the workload of Happy and Paradise, they will also be working on Splatoon 3 at the same time.

It's unlikely that the entire DLC team will be working on Splatoon 3 at the same time, and if the animal crossing team isn't working on Splatoon 3 and they aren't developing any Animal  Crossing New Horizons update or DLC for new horizons, you might be wondering what the hell they're doing right now.

Some of them are probably working on other projects for Nintendo and are also probably working on the next Animal Crossing game, either a spin-off or the next major series, and basically, there's evidence that this is true because they started working on New Horizons in 2012, which is a crazy fact that was revealed by the devs in 2020. The fact that it took them a long time to make future Animal Crossing, and that they may also make spin-offs and content for other media, definitely shows that they couldn't switch teams to Splatoon 3.

Future Nintendo games

On the other hand, Nintendo may have stopped rolling out ACNH updates and DLC to focus more on future Nintendo games like Splatoon 3. It's no secret if you want to get into that, if they do keep updating it, many people will likely ignore future releases to play more Animal Crossing. This is a good thing, will still play other games, not sure if this logic stands up to Nintendo they want to try other products, Animal Crossing New Horizons is Nintendo's most talked about game, so they will likely want to shift the spotlight to other projects for individuals.

In future projects, all the constructive criticism about Animal crossing a new horizon has been great, and Nintendo may have taken some of it on board and provided more content for the game. 2021 gets Animal crossing new horizons 2.0 update before most of the constructive comments, Nintendo as a company screens every single one they see from players Every comment, but for Animal crossing new horizons the developers were very hateful to the game, and on social media, they decided to release animals crossing new horizons and gradually add content in future Animal crossing new horizons updates, Nintendo never really saw a response to such a game.

Before they had a little ACNH update to splatoon, people felt there was a lack of content at release but nowhere near as much as Animal Crossing new Horizons and received a lot of criticism from players for the way they decided to animal crossing update the game, obviously, most people liked the game and wanted more of it but could see how much love and attention was put into it and it was very could be that Nintendo decided to stop launching animal crossing new horizons updates and future Animal Crossing New Horizons DLC.

It's just a fact that they are ready to move on to other projects at this point, after all, it's been over two years now and that's a long time for a mostly single-player Nintendo game. With the many other games and projects they've been developing, and the things they want to draw attention to, they may even be working on a future Animal Crossing game they want to go all out on.

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