ACNH Mermaids & Better Swimming Features 2022 - Faster Swimming, Unlimited Diving & How Mermaids Would Look
7/8/2022 4:45:57 PM

Swimming and diving has become a pretty integral part of Animal Crossing New Horizons especially if you want to complete your museum and get all of those different sea creatures. But there's no denying that it's quite a slow and tedious process. Here in this guide, we are going to be taking look at some mermaid & better swimming features and updates in ACNH analyzed by crossing channel, faster swimming and unlimited diving, so maybe we can swim fast in the future. 

ACNH Mermaid & Better Swimming Features 2022 - Faster Swimming, Unlimited Diving 

They really don't tend to do much diving although it's good for collecting new creatures and even getting ACNH bells from creatures, overall the feature has felt like it could use some work. Thankfully there might finally be an answer to that. A mod creator doom_mori recently created some really cool new starter pokemon as villagers for New Horizons. They've dropped some new content which provides some major upgrades to diving and even new mermaid features. Read on and take a look at exactly that. 


Now let's take a look at the mermaids.

These are incredibly cool and it definitely reminds you of something they would do in Animal Crossing pocket camp. It's honestly a shame that they didn't have more mermaid stuff in Animal Crossing New Horizons, we did get the furniture set which you can get from pascal, but there's none of the house exteriors that we had in previous games. It's clever to be able to cosplay as a mermaid in ACNH and it seems like something that would be incredibly popular if it was added to the game in an official capacity, especially when you consider the relation to swimming. This is mainly an aesthetical change, so it doesn't really impact the mechanics of the game in any way. 

Faster Swimming & Unlimited Diving - Fast Swim In Animal Crossing New Horizons

The next mod would make swimming much better than ever before. You can see incredibly fast swimming and even unlimited diving which is super cool. One of the bigger problems that we've had with diving in New Horizons is the fact that it just feels so slow and arduous to do anything. So being able to speed it up and really dash around the ocean feels incredibly exciting and the fact that you can dive an unlimited amount of times as well is even better. This kind of shows you how the swimming feature really should have been implemented in Animal Crossing New Horizons to begin with which would have incentivized even more people to play with it.

People may say it's definitely hard to imagine Nintendo allowing you to swim that fast, it might be a little bit overpowered, but it still shows that it could have been a lot better than what we did get. Unlimited diving could work really well, if for example you had some kind of scuba equipment on or just some kind of special outfit which allowed you to breathe for longer underwater. That would have been a great way to have different ACNH items have different mechanics to help with swimming rather than just having a singular swimsuit which looks different, but basically does the same thing no matter what item it is. Even the mermaid costume maybe could give you some special properties in the water which you could only unlock much later on. 

Doom mori even showed this mod being used in the aquarium which is hilarious and there's no way that Nintendo would ever let us actually swim in the museum although that would be amazing. It's really neat to see stuff like this done because you would never see this in regular Animal Crossing New Horizons.


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