ACNH Duplication & 4th Level Glitch 2022 - Best Animal Crossing New Horizons Glitches
7/8/2022 3:59:06 PM

Want to make an infinite amount of bells and items in Animal Crossing New Horizons? Here we’ll take you to go through the best Animal Crossing New Horizons glitches after 2.0 including ACNH duplication and 4th level glitch 2022.

acnh glitch 2022

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Best Animal Crossing New Horizons Glitches 2022 - ACNH Duplication & 4th Level Glitch 

Thanks to YahTab, let’s take a look at two new ACNH glitches (hacks) 2022 that you can use as your money glitches. 

ACNH 4th Level Glitch 2022 

The first one we are going to introduce is the fourth level glitch in ACNH 2022, which can make you a large number of bells. 

Before you start building the fourth level, the first thing you need is the island designer tool, to unlock that, you got to have all 10 villagers move to your island, get a three-star rating, and have K.K Slider come to your island. And you need to have the terraforming tool where you can terraform the land, you can purchase the permit at ABD in Resident Services. Once you have that, go ahead and build up to the fourth level.

On top of the Island Designer app, you are going to have a flower or something that you can place in front of you, some Mario coins, and a money tree. What you can do is to dig two squares on any side, on that final square, make sure one side is the right angle and one side is kind of curved, then back out into the corner as far as you can, make sure the flower is placed in front of you, basically, the flower is trapping you in the little hole that you dug and you want to be facing the flower. At the very same time, press A, you want to point to the back right-hand corner or the corner that has the right angle of your map, if you do it correctly, you’ll rise to the top of your island. 

If you use the custom design around the first two levels all the way across, you are going to be printing more Animal Crossing New Horizons bells. If you plant a money tree, bells will grow and you’ll be able to duplicate bells. To summarize, in this glitch what you need to do is plant a money tree off on your island, and when it’s still a small tree that hasn’t grown, you need to pick up that tree and bury it on the 4th level of your island, it won’t work for the third level. Once you place that nursery money tree, you need to get all the ACNH bells. The amount really doesn't matter, you just need to make sure they're money bags and not the actual coins. You want to place them in a square around this money tree and essentially it kind of works like the flowers, where you place flowers around each other will grow more flowers, so what you want to do is just place that in a square all the way around and that's going to be able to basically help you print money every single day. 

The only issue with this glitch is every time that you want to go up to the fourth level, you're gonna have to do the shovel glitch to get up there because once you go back down, you're not gonna be able to use your ladder to get back up. 

ACNH Duplication Glitch 2022

The next one is the duplication glitch that shows a method to duplicate any Animal Crossing New Horizons items without using an online service or without traveling to someone else's island, you can choose an expensive item such as Royal Crown, which sells for 1,200,000 Bells. 

What you need to do is go directly behind the museum, place a Mario coin behind the museum and there is going to be a warp pipe in between, so the museum, warp pipe, and Mario coin need to be in a perfect vertical line to make this glitch to work. The next thing you have to do is place the item that you want to duplicate right next to the coin, like one space away, all you have to do is run through the coin and run through the museum as fast as you can, and come back and collect your coin, every time you do this, there will be a new item that has been duplicated. It is very important when you're running around the museum, to run as tightly close to the museum as possible because if you take too long, it just won't work. You got about probably 15 to 20 seconds to make it around the museum and back to the coin before the glitch doesn't work anymore. 

The only issue with this glitch is you will run out of room to duplicate, so eventually once your items completely surround the coin, there will not be a way to collect it unless you pick up something and that basically voids the glitch, so you can only duplicate maybe eight to nine items at a time. Once you pick up one of the items, the duplication glitch is done and basically, you can just pick them all up, replace the coin and do this over and over again.


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