Best ACNH Mods: 9 Things You Can Do With A Modded Switch in Animal Crossing New Horizons
9/29/2022 7:38:16 PM

Recently, switch modding has exploded and switch modders straight up made their own Animal Crossing update, but there's a lot of other things you can do with a modded Animal Crossing Island and today we’re going to show you the top 9 funniest things you can do with a modded switch.

Top 9 Funniest Mods In Animal Crossing New Horizons

1. Create Cursed Villagers

The first funniest thing you can do with a modded switch in Animal Crossing is create cursed villagers. As you can see Bob has become blue bear and blue bear has become Bob, this mod Freaky Friday is your villagers. Blue bear Bob literally can give nightmares, even the game knows it's cursed, Marshall becomes Judy getting the ultimate Glam over and we get Judy as Marshall. 

2. Terrorize Nook and Isabelle 

The second funniest thing you can do with the modded switch is terrorize Nook and Isabelle in resident services. Getting dirty Bear Claws all over their desk. Once Isabelle is our play toy, push her all the way over, if you try to talk to them, they do not respond, but you can just become Tom Nook. Once you are Tom Nook, we can be in charge of this island. 

3. Make Your Villagers Go Berserk

The third funniest thing you can do in New Horizons with switch mods is make your villagers go berserk. And blue bears favorite pastime is sweeping like the world is about to end. Now she's super cleaning, she is on a tight schedule, she gotta make those bricks sparkly clean. Before she becomes a pop star later tonight, look at her. She's not wasting any time speed, sweeping the resident services Plaza. She must have some dust in her eyes, she's blinking really fast.

4. Become Jesus

The fourth funniest thing you can do with a modded switch is straight up become Jesus. Walking on water just like Jesus himself did, we have transcended not only the physics of the universe, but also the physics and Animal Crossing. Not only can we walk on water, we can run on water, we can Jitter all in the water and even sit on the water and take a quick nap. New Horizons islands are comprised of Acres, we have regular Ocean anchors that you can swim through, we have land and beach and Peninsula anchors that make up your island even in a secret Beach anchor. Then we also have weird Ocean anchors that you can also stand on. No matter what they are for built in Jesus mode in New Horizons, apparently you can also get trapped by Jesus water.

5. Walk Like You Are On Fire

The fifth funniest thing you can do with the modded switch is just walk like you're on fire like you're just going. Just playing this way is hilarious, it's like the villager is having a hard time walking, jittering along and the little the little cloud trail behind hilarious it's going real fast, a lot of little clouds for a speedy little blue bear just looks so dumb.

6. Make Your Town in Hyper Mode

The sixth funniest thing you can do with the modded switch is make your town in hyper mode like the water, if you see waves going that fast in real life, just run screaming away and never go to the beach ever again and it's even hilarious when you get out of the water, it's like you're sliding on the ice right out of the water.

7. Drown Your Villagers

The seventh funniest thing you can do with the ACNH modded twitch is to drown your villagers. If you want to have the lost city of Atlantis in Animal Crossing, you can do that, just straight up drowning your villagers.

8. Use Isabelle As An Avatar

Some of these mods add additional hair and eye colors. Others place skins on existing character models to invite villagers not in Animal Crossing: New Horizons into the game, just as Tumblr user Doubotsu-no-mori has done with Tarou and Pierre. Again, while Nintendo has tried to work on some these issues itself with updates and the Happy Home Paradise DLC, these mods directly address what fans desire most in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

9. Wearing Mods

The last funniest thing you can do with a modded switch is not only get to use these amazing incredible mods that switch modders are making over on Twitter, but the funny part is wearing the mods. Click here to get to know more details.


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