ACNH November Updates & Changes 2022: 9 ACNH Details & Tips You Should Know In November

11/2/2022 10:49:34 AM

Welcome back to a brand new Animal Crossing New Horizons, today taking a short break from  Challenges, looking ahead to ACNH November 2022, and breaking down everything can expect to see over the next few weeks.

ACNH November update 2022_

ACNH November Updates & Changes 2022: 9 ACNH Details & Tips You Should Know In November

1. ACNH November Turkey Day(2022)

  • Date: November 4th to 24th, 2022

With Halloween now out of the way, the next main Event is Animal Crossing New Horizons on the 4th Thursday of November,  which this year is the 24th,  Franklin will once again stop by the Plaza to host Turkey Day. 

This Harvest Festival-inspired Thanks Giving  Event takes place in Both Hemispheres,  and Franklin task the Players with gathering various ingredients. These will then be used to cook various Dishes. Now just a heads up, the dishes Franklin cooks require Pumpkins, so be sure to grow all variations of pumpkins before the Event. 

Naturally, if you help Franklin during this  Event he’ll reward you with ACNH items from the Turkey Day series, which is by far the most cosy furniture set in the entire game.

Players in the Northern Hemisphere will obtain the Fall Harvest variations of the furniture series, whilst players in the Southern Hemisphere will obtain the Spring Blooming variations

Fall Harvest - Spring Blooming items

  • Turkey Day Casserole 

  • Turkey Day Chair

  • Turkey Day Decorations

  • Turkey Day Garden Stand 

  • Turkey Day Hearth 

  • Turkey Day Table

  • Turkey Day Table Setting 

  • Turkey Day Wheat Decor

2. ACNH November Sale Day (2022)

  • Date: November 25th to 30th, 2022

Now immediately after Turkey Day,  Animal Crossing New Horizons celebrates another special Event called Nook Friday. This is very similar to the Sale Day events that took place in previous games. In Animal Crossing New Horizons, from the 4th Friday of  November, so directly after Turkey Day, and running through to November 30th, Nooks Cranny has a 30% off Sale on everything in the Store. You’ll know the Sale is on because Nooks Cranny will have some cute  Sale Signs displayed in the windows.

3. ACNH November Seasonal Events(2022)

  • Date: November 1st to 20th, 2022

Now moving away from annual Events, November does celebrate some Seasonal Events too. The Lantern Festival can be celebrated in  Animal Crossing New Horizons from November 1st through to November 11th, and see 6 unique handheld Lanterns available to purchase. These designs will all be available from the Nook Stop, with a different one appearing each day, although pretty sure they can be customized anyway, so technically you could get all  6 designs in the first 2 days. 

Next up, Shichi-Go-San can be celebrated from November 11th through to November 20th. During this time the Chitose Ame item can be obtained from the Nook Stop. This is another unique handheld item that you don't want to miss. 

4. ACNH November Seasonal Materials (2022)

  • Date: November 1st to 30th, 2022

Now, with it still being the  Autumn Season, Acorns and Pine Cones continue to be available here in the  Northern Hemisphere, however, November is a super busy month for crafting. From November 1st through to November 30th, it’s the Mushroom Season on the New Horizons Island. 

During this time, 5 mushrooms will spawn including Round, Skinny, Flat, Elegant, and Rare Mushrooms. The higher your Island rating, the higher the chances of finding Rare mushrooms. Anyway, as you’d expect their corresponding  DIY Recipes can also be found during this time, with a total of 20 DIY and Cooking recipes to find. Most of them can be found from Balloons, Bottles, or from Villagers. 

Now from November 16th, through to  November 25th and also alongside Acorns,  Pine Cones, and 5 types of Mushrooms,  another Autumn material called Maple Leaves begin spawning around New Horizons Island. For 10 days, Maple Leaves can be spotted floating around the Island. These can be caught using Nets, just like Cherry Blossom or any bug in the game. 

These are used to craft 10 items from the  Maple Leaf series. Interestingly these are also needed to craft some of the Trees Bounty Items available earlier in the season. Like the Mushrooms, Maple Leaf DIYs can primarily be found from Balloons and bottles. 

5. ACNH November PostCards (2022)

  • Date: November 20th to 30th, 2022

Now something that often slips under the radar is of course the fact you can write letters on the Post Card stand inside the Airport.

Anyway, what’s cool about this feature, is every now and then there are limited-time Post Card designs available to use. 

Currently, the Autumn designs, such as the Acorn Card, the Carpet of Leaves Card, and the Mushroom Card are available until November 26th, and the Turkey Day Card will continue to be available until November 30th. 

However, a total of 3 new cards will be added from November 20th,  including the Festive-Tree Card, the  Holiday Card, and the Warm-Sweater Card.

Plus 4 more designs become available from November 26th, including the Snowflake Card,  the Snowperson Card, the Town-View Card, and finally the Winter-Camellia Card

All of the new cards will continue to be available throughout the Winter season. 

6. ACNH November Snowfall (2022)

  • Date: November 1st to 30th, 2022

Now November is a strange month for Weather, particularly rainfall. 

For the first 2 weeks, from November 1st through to November 15th,  November has some of the highest chances of light Rainfall throughout the whole year, but the smallest chance of heavy rainfall compared to any other time.

Then during the Maple Leaf Season, from November 16th through to November 25th,  there is 0% chance of rain. This is because Maple leaves will be falling and floating, and they can’t spawn in the rain. 

And finally, for the last week of November, Rainfall, as Snow replaces the Rain

And surprisingly there's a 24% chance, it will snow before December in the  Northern Hemisphere, which is pretty cool! 

7. ACNH November Bushes (2022)

  • Date: November 1st to December 31th, 2022

Now of course the changes to the Natural environment of Animal Crossing New Horizons  Island.

Specifically the bushes. This is often helpful for those who change up the bushes they use throughout the year on their Island. 

Anyway, in the Northern Hemisphere, Orange and Yellow Tea Olives have already stopped flowering, however, Holly Bushes now bloom in their place. 

These will flower from November 1st through to December 31st. For those playing the Southern Hemisphere, there are no changes to the bushes, as Pink and White Azalea Bushes continue to bloom throughout November. 

8. ACNH November Bug-Off (2022)

  • Date: November 1st to 30th, 2022

Now speaking of the Southern Hemisphere, if you are playing in the Southern Hemisphere, you have the November Bug-Off to look forward to. For those who are new to Animal Crossing New Horizons, Flick will stop by the plaza to host the tournament,  and basically challenge you to catch as many bugs as possible with a time limit. You earn points for every bug you catch,  and the more you catch, the more you earn. These can then of course be redeemed for limited-time Bug-Off items,  such as the Spider Web, the Termite Mound, and the Bug Cage bag amongst others. It’s also a great opportunity to earn 1 of 3 trophies for taking part or obtaining items you missed if you entered previously. 

9. ACNH November Critters (2022)

  • Date: November 1st to 30th, 2022

Now as with every new month on New Horizons Island, a shift in the types of Bugs, Fish, and Deep-Sea Creatures that can be encountered and caught. 

There are too many to highlight right now, but the  Northern Hemisphere will see 13 new critters, including the Tarantula, Blue Marlin, and Red King Crab, amongst others. 

Similarly, those in the Southern Hemisphere can expect to see a total of 21 new critters, including the Violin Beetle, the Mahi-Mahi, and the Gigas Giant Clam, amongst others. 

Southern Hemisphere is seeing significantly more than those of us in the Northern Hemisphere because it is almost the Summer season, which means more and more critters will begin spawning, whereas here, it's almost winter, and they're all disappearing. 

Anyway, as always, this is a great opportunity to catch some new critters and make blathers happy, if you're new or still working on completing your Museum. So there we have it, that was 9 fairly significant changes and updates that experienced around New Horizons  Island throughout the month of November. 

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