ACNH Version 2.0.7 Update Patch - Changes, Bug Fixes, New Items & Features In Next Update Patch

11/23/2022 8:09:23 PM

In today’s guide, we are going to be taking a look at the most likely changes Nintendo would make in the next ACNH update patch 2.0.7, what new items will be added and what new features can we enjoy.

ACNH Version 2.0.7 Update Patch - New Featurs, Changes, Bug Fixe, New Items in ACNH Update 2.0.7

About a week ago, Nintendo released a new patch for Animal Crossing New Horizons which was quite a surprise as the last one we saw was all the way back in February., a Valentine's gift from Nintendo. However, this patch didn't address anything Animal Crossing specific which means that Nintendo will need to release another patch before the end of the year to address some of the Animal Crossing related issues that are in the game. A lot of people were expecting that we would never see another update patch again since it had been so long, but this new one proves that they are still paying attention to Animal Crossing and they even still do online maintenance for it regularly too. So let's take a look at what changes we could likely expect in the next patch version 2.0.7.

#1 - Leif 

For a start, one that ome people would have rushed to have checked when they did release this update is Leif. His weeding service is still fairly broken and the requirements for it are unrealistic. As it stands, the amount of weeds that you need to use this service is more than what can naturally spawn on your Island except at the very start of the game. Fans don't have high hopes about Nintendo fixing this, they may not think that it's broken at, all but it really is as you'd need to plant more weeds if you wanted Leif to come and deweed your Island. Some people say they've been able to get it to work in sudden circumstances and such, but as it stands, the majority of players have not been able to use this feature at all. Even if you play literally every day, Leif still will not come and weed your Island, so it's not exactly a glitch as such but still it's something that Nintendo does need to address in a patch. After all, there was no point really adding this feature if the majority of players can't even use it. 

#2 - Kicks 

Since we're on Harvey's Island, Kicks is apparently still broken as well. A lot of players have had an issue buying impish wings in the month of October once they built kicks on Harvey's Island. It seems that this glitch is directly related to building him in this place . Some players been able to get the impish wings at Harvey's island, so it seems like this may be a player to player issue where some people can and others can't. But it's definitely something that Nintendo needs to address as no player should be locked out of getting a certain item just because they built kicks on the island, that's where he belongs. This is one that Nintendo wouldn't notice without more people talking about it. Either way, this glitch is exactly the sort of thing that they would address within an update.

#3 - Campsite Glitch

There's also a campsite glitch, the way it works is basically that if you convince someone to leave your Island who is already planning on leaving, there's a chance that you could send your incoming camper into the void. It's very strange that Nintendo hasn't addressed this glitch in any update, we feel like it's been in the game for quite a while now. Now, apparently when this happens, you don't lose the villager completely, they will just go into your villager queue but that is really annoying and we all know that the villager queue system is really not that good in Animal Crossing New Horizons. This isn't one of those fun glitches as well that have seemingly been in the game for ages and Nintendo never patches, this is something that is genuinely detrimental to players and it gets even worse when you use amiibo cards as well. So this is definitely something that Nintendo needs to look into and address in the next patch. It's gotten quite a lot of attention online from players so they must know that this is a thing. 

#4 - Kapp’n Exploit

There are also lots of harmless exploits, one that's really interesting that Nintendo may fix is the Kapp’n exploit. You only get to go to one cap and Island per day, but you can effectively reset the island that you go to, because the game doesn't actually save when you start up with Kapp’n. That means you could make it much easier for yourself to get those rare islands like the star fragment Island without having wasted a whole bunch of your Nook Miles. After all, it's the only way you can pay to go on a Kapp’n Island and you only get one trip per day. So if you get an island that you don't like, this exploit could be really helpful.

Nintendo didn't intend for it to be this way given that they did put so many limitations on Kapp’n Islands, the way they probably would have intended it is like when you go on a Nook Mile tour and the game saves just before you go. That means that you can't reset at Nook mile Islands, so you have to spend all of those resources if you want to get to one. This exploit is really harmless and we don't think Nintendo should touch it, it would be a little bit of extra effort in their part to make it, so the game saves before you go to Kapp’n island. Nintendo could look into in the next update alongside any of the other exploits that are still currently working in the game. 

#5 - Modding

Another question that's been on a lot of players minds is “Will Nintendo patch modding in a future update”. When this update dropped, a lot of comments of people saying that mods must have been patched or have mods been patched, and it wasn't the case where that happened. It's possible that Nintendo could outright ban modding at some point in the future, not really they could probably come out with patches that make it more difficult to mod for a little bit of time, but modders would always find ways around this and Nintendo knows it. Nintendo typically does do a lot of things to try and discourage modding and hacking in games especially if it affects other players online that is a big no in their books. 

What Can We Expect For The New Update 2.0.7

So we've talked about all kinds of fixes and exploits and such that Nintendo could work on in the next update, but what about new content? Realistically, the only piece of new content we would expect to see in the next update patch is the 2023 balloon arch and for the years beyond that. People are not confident that Nintendo would add these in but it's definitely a possibility. as we did get some new items Beyond version 2.0.7, so it can't be said that Nintendo wouldn't do this thing. 

That’s all about today’s Animal Crossing New Horizons 2.0.7 update guide. So what sort of realistic changes and fixes could Nintendo make within the next update version 2.0.7? What is maybe some exploit or glitch that you could see them working on?


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