ACNH New Year Items & Event 2023 Guide: New Year's Eve Countdown & New Year's Day Event in Animal Crossing

11/29/2022 7:02:20 PM

Every year, Animal Crossing: New Horizons wishes us a Happy New Year with several seasonal items related to New Year celebrations around the world. We must not miss them if we want to celebrate the arrival of the New Year on our island in the best way possible!


ACNH New Year Events & Items 2023 - Countdown & New Year's Day Event Guide

One year ends and one begins, just as in real life, time also passes on the island of Animal Crossing: New Horizons! Bring special blessings to global players with special New Year Items from all over the world. Now let's say HELLO to 2023 by taking part in the New Year's Eve Countdown & New Year's Day Event on our ACNH island!

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ACNH New Year Items 2023

First, let's take a look at which New Year items we can get and how to get them, which are undoubtedly the ones you are most looking forward to:

ACNH New Year Food Items (2023)

Starting from December 26th to December 31, 2022, the below New Year Food Items will be available for purchase under the Seasonal tab of the Nook Shopping: 

  • Sparkling Cider (Buy from Nook Shopping for 1,000 Bells)

  • Twelve-Grape Dish (Buy from Nook Shopping, 1,200 Bells

  • Berliner  (Buy from Nook Shopping, 1,200 Bells)

  • Olivier Salad  (Buy from Nook Shopping, 1,000 Bells)

  • New Year’s Noodles (Buy from Nook Shopping, 1,300 Bells)

ACNH New Year Countdown Items (2023)

Starting from 5 PM on December 31st, 2022 to 4:49 AM on January 1st, 2023,  during the New Year Countdown event, free New Year gifts and items can be obtained from Isabelle and Tom Look. 

  • Light Stick (Free Gift from Isabelle)

  • Party Poppers (5 units from Tom Nook and Buy more from him, 500 Bells)

  • New Year's Silk Hats (Buy from Tom Nook, 500 Bells)

  • New Year's Hat (Buy from Tom Nook, 500 Bells)

New Year's Day Items (2023)

Starting from January 1st until January 5th, 2023, get free gift from ingame mom and buy New Year set furniture from Nook Shopping:

  • Mom's Art (Free gift from in-game mom)

  • 500 Nook Miles (Free compensation from Nook Stop)

  • 2023 Celebratory Arch (Buy from Nook Shopping, 2,022 Bells)

  • Yut Nori (Buy from Nook Shopping, 1,300 Bells)

  • Kadomatsu (Buy from Nook Shopping, 2,580 Bells)

  • Otoshidama Envelope (Buy from Nook Shopping, 500 Bells)

  • Kagamimochi (Buy from Nook Shopping, 1,800 Bells)

  • New Year’s Shimekazari (Buy from Nook Shopping, 2,000 Bells)

  • Osechi (Buy from Nook Shopping, 5,000 Bells)

  • Zodiac Rabbit Figurine (Buy from Nook Shopping, 1,600 Bells)

New ACNH New Year Items in 2023

  • 1. Zodiac Rabbit Figurine - The Zodiac Figurine is updated according to the yearly zodiac. The traditional Chinese zodiac chronology in 2023 is the Year of the Rabbit, so the Zodiac Rabbit Figurine will undoubtedly be introduced to us.

  • 2. New Year Celebratory Arch - Likewise, Celebratory Arch will also be stamped 2023

  • 3. Brand New Items - In addition, we can also expect Nintendo to bring some new New Year-themed items that we are excited about, such as traditional New Year food or items from more countries.

  • 4. New Year Food Recipes - Or we can look forward to new New Year Food DIY recipes being added, after all, making unique food in any country is always one of the ways to celebrate the arrival of the New Year.

Now let's go over how to celebrate the arrival of 2023 in Animal Crossing New Horizons and how you take part in each of the New Year Events, so you can better understand how to get all the New Year 2023 items:

ACNH New Year Eve & Countdown Event (2022 To 2023)

The year is also drawing to a close on the island of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and to mark the occasion, Nook Inc. will organize the New Year's Eve celebration and hold countdown in the town square on December 31st, 2022!

Both Isabelle and Tom Nook will be outside the Service Center to provide us with all the special items planned for the event. Clearly, the Town Hall will be closed all day and will reopen on January 1 from 5 a.m., but we will not lose bonus points for logging into the electronic terminal located inside.

ACNH New Year Eve Countdown Event (How To Join the Event & Get All New Year Eve Items)

Start & End Time: The event will begin at 5am on December 31st and continue until 4:59am on January 1st.

  • 1. Starting from 5PM on December 31st, the square will be embellished with balloons and lights and will host a large sign that marks the countdown to the new year!

  • 2. Talk with Isabelle, will give you Light Stick that you can shake by holding down the button. 

  • 3. Tom Nook instead will be busy managing his stall where we will be able to buy some special items, speaking with him for the first time he will give us 5x units of Poppers, and you can buy more Poppers from him with ACNH bells.

  • 4. By interacting with Nook's Stand, we will be able to access two types of New Year Hats, which can only be purchased on New Year's Eve for 500 bells, in fact, it will not even be possible to reorder it from the Catalogue!

  • 5. Starting from 11:30 PM, December 31st, all the villagers will begin to arrive in the square, dressed in the theme with the evening and holding the Light Stick in hand.

  • 6. During the last seconds, if we are in the square of Resident Services, the view will automatically shift so that we can see the fireworks display well.

  • 7. At 10 seconds everyone starts yelling number by number and waving their glow stick. At the stroke of midnight, the fireworks begin and a number is created in the sky which represents the new year!

  • 8. The show will end at 4:59 on January 1st, meanwhile talking to the inhabitants they will wish us all the best for the new year and tell us about their good intentions. Also, Tom NookTom Nook will give us another 5x units of Party Poppers!

ACNH New Year's Day Event (2023)

Happy New Year! What better way to start the new year in Animal Crossing: New Horizons than with lots of new seasonal items to beautify your island? Let's find out together what they are and how to get them!

  • 1. On January 1st, open your mailbox to receive the New Year Gift - Mom's Art from your in-game mon.

  • 2. On January 1st, access to Nook Stop to get the 500 Nook Miles and 7-day log-in bonus as compensation for you won't be able to enter the Resident Services during the New Year Countdown event.

  • 3. Starting from January 1st until January 5th, 2023,  purchase a series of Traditional New Year's Items from the Nook Shopping catalog.

That's all of our ACNH New Year Event 2023 Guide, hope it will help you to collect all these seasonal items easier and enjoy the celebrations better. Happy New Year and Best Wishes To You! 

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