Animal Crossing New Horizons Toy Day - Toy Day Changes Can Be Know Here

12/16/2022 11:08:48 AM

Animal Crossing New Horizons Toy Day used to be one of the favorite events in Animal Crossing New Horizons, it's been there since the very start.

In fact, it's been in every game except the wild world. Of course, as you already know, it's in Animal Crossing New Horizons now, the version got in this game is still a good one overall, it keeps the general theme and idea of toy day intact, but when considering some changes that Nintendo has made to this event, it's definitely gotten worse.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Toy Day

Animal Crossing New Horizons Toy Day - Toy Day Changes Can Be Know Here 

Animal Crossing New Horizons Toy day event

Toy day is Animal Crossing's version of Christmas, of course, it happens on December 24th every year. In this event, Jing will arrive in your town or on your Island, and he will bestow upon you some kind of task to get gifts from him and to help out your villagers too, now you might be thinking this is exactly what he does in Animal Crossing New Horizons and that's true, but actually have to look back at another game Animal Crossing New Leaf to see that Nintendo downgraded toy day in this particular version.

Although Toy day happened on December the 24th, it actually had a really exciting build-up throughout the whole month of December, your villagers would actually hint to you about what types of gifts, they would want to receive on toy day, a really interesting interaction that helped you get to know your villagers even better and maybe learn about some of the interests that they had, you would have to retain this information somehow with them often giving you two different hints.

Let you know exactly what type of gift to give them on the big day itself, if you forgot this information because you weren't paying attention to your villagers or you just didn't write it down, then you may miss out on giving them, the perfect gift hence ruining their toy day forever, it's so beautiful, but in Animal Crossing New Horizons. There really is no build-up, although get some nice little decorations appearing around animal crossing Island at residence services and nook's cranny and such which is definitely nice.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Toy Day Big Improvement - Villager Interaction 

A big improvement on animal cross New Leaf, they don't have any of these villager interactions at all, although you will begin giving your villagers gifts on the big day, they don't give you any hints towards what they actually want which means that it doesn't really matter what item you give them at all hence taking away, this really nice villager interaction that just makes you feel a little bit closer with the characters living on your Island.

Now the part of the event where you actually go and give gifts to villagers, especially in Animal Crossing New Leaf and it has some fun merits in Animal Crossing New Horizons too.

The fact that the gifts you give them really don't matter at all in the latest version, just feels like a bit of a shame, a lot of Animal Crossing players have had their fair share of complaints about the villagers in the series, and definitely one thing that has been a problem in Animal Crossing New Horizons has been taking away.

Some of the interactions, they really loved back in Animal Crossing New Leaf and past games, for example, getting rid of the Hide and Seek feature which a lot of people really enjoyed, although maybe would have been a little bit harder to implement with crazy Island designs in this version, but just can't understand why they would take away your villagers hinting about the gifts, they want throughout the month, maybe their logic here is that it means players won't really have to pay attention throughout the month for December. 

Why it would have been a problem here? Effectively what it feels like is they've really tried to simplify this version of toy day, just to make things a little bit easier. Where they were going with this after all? It can be, such a busy day for people, many people complained about this in the past, but it really does feel like you don't need to put any effort in with this toy Day event at all.

It's more just like a little exercise for the Jingle, not just going to completely complain about this version of toy day, it did some really good things too, for example, the little gift exchange which happens after the main event is definitely a highlight, it allows you to trade around ACNH items of your villagers, specifically the really cute toy items that you get in nook's cranny throughout the month.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Toy Day Negative Aspect

However, one more negative aspect of this is the fact that you can just get those toys in Nooks cranny, so it isn't as exciting when you get them from your Villages when the month is already over still.

In the next version of Animal Crossing, they could do so much better in this regard and villagers could really give some unique maybe hand-crafted gifts that you could only get on toy day.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Toy Day Positive Aspect

Another positive about the version Animal Crossing New Horizons is that they do properly decorate the animal crossing new horizons island for the event, like I said earlier, you get to see decorations go up in Nooks cranny in Residence services, and on occasion, you can see villagers do things like take photos of the Christmas tree in the plaza which is absolutely adorable.

They still do give you dialogue about Toy Day leading up to it as well which is definitely nice, but without the hints, it doesn't really feel that meaningful and you do tend to get a lot of the dialogue repeated which can be a bit of a shame and again one of those problems that a lot of us have had in this game.

There is a general kind of theme going on where it seems like Animal Crossing New Leaf honestly did a lot of stuff better, despite being a game on a much older console, because hoped that Animal Crossing New Horizons would basically have the ultimate version of everything, simplifiers with the developers given that the update for toy day did come out during the pandemic, but also have to consider that apparently Animal Crossing New Horizons had been in development since 2012, they didn't flesh this event out a little bit more.

Now some people might not be happy that a lot of negative feelings about the Toyota event in Animal Crossing New Horizons, but definitely do see some positives with it and that there is still some work for Nintendo to do with refining these events, and hopefully, they will do that in the next Animal Crossing game, most of us can agree that would rather see an event that at least has the same amount of content as the game before it not, however, nothing really compares to Animal Crossing wild World where they effectively took out all of the major holidays in the game.

Since a more positive note, one great thing Nintendo did with toy day, and all the other events in the game is that with the 2.0 update they made it, these events are no longer time-locked which means that if you're too busy to play the event on a certain day, you could time travel backwards or forwards to play it whereas when New Horizons launched, these were still being added in updates that weren't possible to do at all you'd have to wait until real time to unlock the event. 

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