ACNH February Update 2023: Events, Seasonal Items, DIYs, Critters, Changes | Animal Crossing Spring 2023

1/11/2023 3:27:36 PM

Welcome to the Animal Crossing New Horizons guide to February update 2023, we'll discuss all the different seasonal items and DIYs that can be collected, events that will happen, caught that will return, and birthdays that will be celebrated. 

ACNH Spring Febuary Events & Update 2023

ACNH Spring February Update 2023 - New Events, Seasonal Items, DIYs, Critters, Villager Birthdays, Changes in Animal Crossing

February marks the start of a brand new season on the Animal Crossing New Horizons islands and as we are sure even new players know by now new months bring a bunch of new content and activities to keep us occupied. Now as always, there's quite a lot to get through including some minor changes to seasonal events. Let's check out these updates and changes in February 2023 for Animal Crossing New Horizons!

ACNH February Events & Seasonal Items 2023

Thanks to the 2.0 update released one year ago, Animal Crossing New Horizons has even more seasonal celebrations and seasonal items than this time first year after release, in total February 2023 sees seven different celebrations. Some of these events including the big game celebrations Festivale, Setsubun, Groundhog Day, and even Valentine's Day are already underway and each has items available to purchase in the seasonal tab of the Nook Stop or the Nook Shopping App. However, towards the end of February, we see even more seasonal celebrations including Hinamatsuri and the Carnival of Venice. These events include major holidays going on and also brand-new items to collect as well, so let's check out these events in February 2023 for Animal Crossing New Horizons. 

Groundhog Day

Available Time: January 25 to February 2, 2023 (Both Hemispheres)

Items To Get: Resetti Model

On February 2, both Canada and the US observe Groundhog Day. This day is always celebrated in a unique fashion and holds significance for many Americans. It is necessary to examine one of these animals' shelters on groundhog day since it is believed that the animal's behavior can affect how long winter will last. Resetti Model, which features the well-known Mr. Sonny Resetti, has been added as a new seasonal item in Animal Crossing: New Horizons in honor of this holiday!

Setsubun (Bean Day or Bean-Throwing Festival)

Available Time: January 25th to February 3rd, 2023 (Both Hemispheres)

Items To Get: Bean-Tossing Kit, Horned-ogre Mask, Ogre Costume, Okame Mask

Setsubun aka Bean Day or Bean-Throwing Festival is celebrated mainly in Japan. You throw beans outside and shout: "Oni wa soto, fuku wa uchi!" This is to keep demons away and ensure peace and health in the new year. Setsubun items will be available from January 25 to February 3 at Nook Shopping under Special Goods → Seasonal. In addition, from February 1 to February 3, Setsubun's themed clothes will be available in the Able Sisters tailor's shop.

Big Game Celebration

Available Time: January 15th to February 15th, 2023 (Both Hemispheres)

Items To Get: Football Cheer Megaphone, Football Rug

In early February, America celebrates the night of the big game, as the night of the Super Bowl, the final of the American football championship is often called. During this day it is customary to gather to watch the final game, also known as the "Big Game". In honor of this event, Animal Crossing: New Horizons made two new items available in January and February: the Football Rug and the Football Cheer Megaphone. Obtaining them is very simple: they can be purchased from the list in the "Special Goods" category of the Nook Shopping, by going to the Nook Point in the Service Center or from the app for our NookPhone.

Valentine's Day

Available Time: February 1st to 14th, 2023 (Both Hemispheres)

Items To Get: Chocolate Heart, Heart-Shaped Bouquet,  Letters from Villagers

Valentine's day isn't a major holiday in the game but there are some really nice surprises, for example, you can get items from your villagers in the main, this will happen with some of the villagers you are most friendly with and they'll give you some really cute little chocolate hearts and also bouquets as well. Even Isabelle will drop you a little item which we think is really sweet. If you happen to head into the roost, then you can see that Brewster will wish you a Happy Valentine's Day.

Bug Off 

Available Time: February 18th (South Hemisphere)

Items To Get: Artisanal Bug Cage, Bug Aloha Shirt, Bug Cage, Bug Wand, Butterflies Wall, Butterfly Backpack, Ladybug Rug, Ladybug Umbrella, Spider Doorplate, Spider Web, Termite Mound, Toy Centipede, Toy Cockroach, Bug Trophies

Now we can finally have something solely for the players in the Southern hemisphere which we always try to do our best to include. Anyway, you'll be pleased to hear that the second bug off of the year takes place in February and sees Flicks stop by the plaza once again towards the end of the month to host the event. Of course, he'll bring with him a bunch of bug off themed prizes, plus it's a great chance to earn a different kind of trophy too. If you wanted unfortunately unlike the fishing tourneys, bug-offs happen at different times of the year for different hemispheres, so the northern hemisphere will have to wait until June.

Festivale Event

Available Time: February 20th, 2023 (Both Hemispheres)

Items To Get: Festivale-themed items (furniture & clothing)

February sees the return of Festivale -  the biggest event of this month. Like last year Festival is hosted by the one and only Pave but there don't appear to be any changes to the event like we've seen in previous holidays. But if you missed this event previously or you need different variations or just more of the items in general, then you definitely should play this event as there's a lot to enjoy here and it's a really well-thought-out event. This carnival-style event adds very colorful furniture and clothing items to the game as well as some new crafting materials which we will spend a whole day collecting during the event. Don't worry if you don't have too much time to put in though or you can't take part in the event as many festival items can be purchased from Nook's Cranny from February 1st.  Since Festivale takes place a day before Mardi Gras/Carnival, it's not always guaranteed to happen during February, as it will very likely occur on February 20th this year. 

Carnival of Venice

Available Time: February 20th, 2023 (Both Hemispheres)

Items To Get: Venetian Carnival Mask (Gold, Pink, Blue, Silver, White)

The Carnival of Venice was a brand new holiday or seasonal celebration added in ACNH 2.0 update, however, you prefer to call it and add several Venetian carnival masks to the game. The Carnival of Venice is one of the oldest and most popular carnivals in the world, it is thought that its origins date back to 1094. In the past, this event lasted an entire month and started from the oligarchy of the city of Venice and from the need, especially of the humbler social classes, to have a period to be dedicated solely to leisure and entertainment. In fact, the typical masks of this carnival served to cancel any form of personal belonging to social class, gender, and religion in order to be able to immerse yourself in a new personality and have even more fun. We will be able to celebrate the Carnival of Venice also in Animal Crossing: New Horizons thanks to the new item -  Venetian Carnival Mask introduced specifically for this event. 


Available Time: February 25th to March 3rd, 2023 (Both Hemispheres)

Items To Get: Hinaningyo, Blossom Lantern

The Japanese festival of dolls or girls, known as Hinamatsuri, is observed annually on the third day of March. As part of the festivities, Japanese decorative dolls of the emperor and empress dressed in traditional Heian-era attire are placed on a crimson carpet to depict the imperial court (784-1185). Dolls are not just there by chance; on this day, families hope that their daughters will be beautiful and healthy, transferring any bad luck to the dolls. The Hinaningyo and the Blossom Lantern are two items that are accessible on Nook's Cranny throughout the months of February and March in Animal Crossing: New Horizons that help us celebrate the Hinamatsuri.

ACNH February Seasonal Materials & DIYs 2023

February is of course the end of winter in the Northern Hemisphere and the final month of summer in the Southern Hemisphere, so seems to transition into a new season which means all new Spring or Fall seasonal crafting materials will be available very soon. 

ACNH Snowflake/ Ice Frozen DIYs

In the Northern Hemisphere, snow will finally melt after February 25th which marks the end of winter, this is the last time you'll be able to get Snowflake materials until the mid-to-late November of 2023. You can use this to craft a variety of Ice and Frozen related recipes, so this is definitely a type of material that you want to get your hands on before snow disappears on your islands.

Available Time:  December 11, 2022, to February 24, 2023 (Northern Hemisphere)

Materials To Collect: 58x Snowflake for Snowflake Iceberg Set, 100x Snowflakes and 16x Large Snowflakes for Ice and Frozen Set

Items To Craft:

Snowflake Items (DIY Recipes)

  • Snowflake Wreath (4x Snowflake)

  • Snowflake Wall (12x Snowflake)

  • Snowflake Pochette (6x Snowflake)

  • Ski-Slope Wall (8x Snowflake)

  • Ski-Slope Flooring (8x Snowflake)

  • Iceberg Wall (10x Snowflake)

  • Iceberg Flooring (10x Snowflake)

Ice (Frozen) Items (DIY Recipes)

  • Frozen Arch (10x Snowflake, 1x Large Snowflake)

  • Frozen Bed (10x Snowflake, 1x Large Snowflake)

  • Frozen Chair (3x Snowflake, 1x Large Snowflake)

  • Frozen Counter (5x Snowflake, 1x Large Snowflake)

  • Frozen Fence (5x Snowflake)

  • Frozen Floor Tiles (8x Snowflake)

  • Frozen Mini Snowperson (2x Snowflake, 1x Large Snowflake)

  • Frozen Partition (6x Snowflake, 1x Large Snowflake) 

  • Frozen Pillar (3x Snowflake, 1x Large Snowflake)

  • Frozen Sculpture (4x Snowflake, 1x Large Snowflake)

  • Frozen Table (8x Snowflake, 1x Large Snowflake)

  • Frozen Tree (8x Snowflake, 1x Large Snowflake)

  • Frozen-Treat Set (1x Snowflake, 1x Large Snowflake)

  • Ice Flooring (8x Snowflake, 1x Large Snowflake)

  • Ice Wall (8x Snowflake, 1x Large Snowflake)

  • Ice Wand (3x Star Fragment, 1x Large Snowflake)

  • Snowperson Head (5x Snowflake, 1x Large Snowflake)

  • Three-Tiered Snowperson (2x Tree Branch, 6x Snowflake, 1x Large Snowflake)

Bamboo DIYs

Towards the end of the month from February 25th, Young Spring Bamboo will begin emerging out of the ground inside bamboo trees, this material spawns alongside normal bamboo. So if you already have bamboo trees you'll be fine, if not be sure to head on an island tour until you land on the bamboo island. Anyway, these seasonal materials can of course be used to craft the young spring bamboo furniture set. Recipes for the Baboom Set will begin to spawn inside the bloom presents so super easy to find.

Available Time: February 25 to May 31, 2023 (Northern Hemisphere)

Materials To Collect: 117x Bamboo Piece, 62x Young Spring Bamboo and 8x Bamboo Shoot

Items To Craft:

Bamboo Items (DIY Recipes)

  • Bamboo Basket (7x Bamboo Piece)

  • Bamboo Bench (8x Bamboo Piece)

  • Bamboo Candleholder (2x Clay, 3x Bamboo Piece)

  • Bamboo Drum (2x Softwood, 3x Bamboo Piece)

  • Bamboo Floor Lamp (8x Bamboo Piece) 

  • Bamboo Flooring (15x Bamboo Piece)

  • Bamboo Lattice Fence (6x Bamboo Piece)

  • Bamboo Lunch Box (4x Bamboo Piece)

  • Bamboo Partition (6x Stone, 7x Bamboo Piece)

  • Bamboo Shelf (15x Bamboo Piece)

  • Bamboo Speaker (1x Iron Nugget, 3x Bamboo Piece)

  • Bamboo Sphere (3x Bamboo Piece)

  • Bamboo Stool (5x Bamboo Piece)

  • Bamboo Stopblock (3x Bamboo Piece)

  • Bamboo Wall (15x Bamboo Piece)

  • Bamboo Wall Decoration (1x Bamboo Piece)

  • Dark Bamboo Bath Mat (3x Bamboo Piece)

  • Dark Bamboo Rug (6x Bamboo Piece)

  • Green Bamboo Fence (Currently Unavailable)

  • Green Bamboo Mat (3x Bamboo Piece)

  • Hearth (5x Hardwood, 5x Iron Nugget, 4x Clay, 2x Bamboo Piece)

Spring Bamboo Items (DIY Recipes)

  • Light Bamboo Bath Mat (3x Young Spring Bamboo)

  • Yellow Bamboo Mat (3x Young Spring Bamboo)

  • Bamboo Doll (6x Young Spring Bamboo)

  • Bamboo Noodle Slide (3x Wood, 7x Young Spring Bamboo)

  • Bamboo Wand (3x Star Fragment, 6x Young Spring Bamboo)

  • Bamboo-Grove Wall (7x Young Spring Bamboo, 3x Bamboo Shoot)

  • Bamboo-Shoot Lamp (4x Clay, 4x Young Spring Bamboo, 5x Bamboo Shoot)

  • Basket Pack (6x Young Spring Bamboo)

  • Green-Leaf Pile (10x Clump of Weeds, 1x Young Spring Bamboo)

  • Light Bamboo Rug (6x Young Spring Bamboo)

  • Pan Flute (7x Young Spring Bamboo)

  • Steamer-Basket Set (6x Young Spring Bamboo)

Summer Shell DIYs

Players in the Southern Hemisphere see no changes unfortunately as Summer shells will continue to spawn until Autumn which begins in March. 

Available Time: December 1st, 2022 to February 28th, 2023 (Southern Hemisphere)

Materials To Collect: 36x Summer Shell, 10 Coral, 4x Giant Clam, 3 Star Fragment, 2x Sea Snail, 2x Sand Dollar, 1x Cowrie, 1x Venus Comb

Items To Craft

  • Shell Wand (3x Summer Shell, 3x Star Fragment)

  • Shell Wreath (1x Summer Shell, 1x Coral, 1x Sea Snail, 1x Giant Clam, 1x Sand Dollar, 1x Cowrie)

  • Shellfish Pochette (6x Summer Shell , 2x Giant Clam)

  • Starry-Sands Flooring (3 Summer Shell, 1x Sandy-Beach Flooring)

  • Summer-Shell Rug (5x Summer Shell)

  • Underwater Flooring (3x Summer Shell, 3x Coral)

  • Underwater Wall (3x Summer Shell, 5x Coral)

  • Water Flooring (6x Summer Shell)

Aquarius & Pisces Celeste Star Fragment DIYs 

February belongs to Aquarius and Pisces. If you want to get Celeste Items related to these two constellations, don’t forget to go to the beach to find Aquarius and Pisces fragments on the second day of wishing on the shooting star.

Available Time: January 20 to February 18 for Aquarius Fragment, February 19 to March 20 for Pisces Fragment (Both Hemispheres)

Materials To Collect: 2x Aquarius Fragment,  2x Pisces Fragment

Items To Craft

  • Aquarius Urn (2x Aquarius Fragment, 3x Star Fragment, 2x Gold Nugget, 5x Stone)

  • Pisces Lamp (2x Pisces Fragment, 3x Star Fragment, 2x Gold Nugget, 4x Stone)

ACNH February Critters (Bugs, Fish, Sea Creatures)

The most obvious change we can expect to see during February is of course some new critters including bugs, fish, and deep sea creatures across both hemispheres. With it still being winter for a few more weeks the northern hemisphere, only sees the Tiger Beetle arrive though but plenty more will begin spawning a few weeks later in march once Spring is here. Of course with it being Summer and slowly transitioning into Autumn in the southern hemisphere, it's a little more challenging there are too many to list right now but you'll be able to catch the Rice Grasshopper, the Morey Eel, and the Flatworm amongst others, so keep your eyes peeled.

ACNH February Island Aesthetics Changes

As with every new month, we start to see changes to the aesthetics of the ACNH island especially as we're approaching the start of a new season. 

  • Northern hemisphere - During February players in the Northern hemisphere will of course have to say goodbye to the snow as it gradually melts, and the nice green grass returns. Weirdly though we don't see any changes to bushes, as the red and pink camellia bushes have only just started blooming so they will remain as they are right through to the end of March.

  • Southern hemisphere - However, those of you in the Southern hemisphere will see red and yellow hibiscus bloom which has only just started. In addition to these changes, the ACNH island will see plenty of other subtle changes you may notice such as the weather phenomena and decorations in Nook's Cranny to match the new season.

ACNH February Villager Birthdays

The following villagers all celebrate their birthday in the month of February in order from the 1st to the 28th:

  • February 1st - Bill

  • February 2nd - Jitters

  • February 3rd - Olivia

  • February 4th - Lily

  • February 5th - Penelope

  • February 6th - Annalisa

  • February 7th - Boomer

  • February 8th - Frobert

  • February 9th - Cleo and Flora

  • February 10th - Stitches and Zoe

  • February 11th - Pompom

  • February 12th - Drago

  • February 13th - Ribbot

  • February 14th - Muffy

  • February 15th - Kitty

  • February 16th - Anabelle

  • February 17th - Dobie

  • February 18th - Dora

  • February 19th - Freckles

  • February 20th - Sprinkle

  • February 21st - Puck

  • February 22nd - Avery

  • February 23rd - Pate

  • February 24th - Anicotti

  • February 25th - Hamphrey

  • February 26th - Sheldon

  • February 27th - Rosie

  • February 28th - Naomi

So there we have it there are the most important events and significant changes we can expect to see during the month of February which is actually a lot busier than January just because of how the events and seasonal items fall in terms of days.

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