Animal Crossing New Horizons Latest News 2023 - Four Exploits In ACNH Can't Missing

1/12/2023 4:15:17 PM

At the things, you can still do in Animal Crossing New Horizons in 2023. It's basically the case for most of Nintendo's main releases, in fact, they've spent a lot of time patching out many different glitches and exploits in the game, so that couldn't do them, but now it seems like they won't be patching out anything else, there are still quite a few things, which can enjoy in 2023, to take a look and see which of these actually still work, so that you can try them out for yourself in your own game.


Animal Crossing New Horizons Latest News 2023  - Four Exploits In ACNH Can't Missing 

1. Animal Crossing New Horizons Exploit - Out of Bound Glitch 

The puzzle glitch is also known as the out-of-bound glitch and the bathtub glitch now, if you're unfamiliar with this basically, it involves glitching into certain ACNH items or places, you shouldn't be using a little tiny puzzle piece or just another small flat item. 

Now more recently actually seen some people saying, they just could not get this to work, it definitely believes that this would have been patched by Nintendo, especially since the glitch got so much traction online, and so many people knew about it.

What you need to do is put a puzzle piece on the edge of a rounded Cliff, you basically need to use a ladder to climb up on top of the puzzle piece from this little curve section, once you're on top your character should wiggle around a lot, it'll look like they're kind of glitching out which they are, now the thing about this glitch is, it's incredibly finicky, it can be really hard sometimes to try and glitch into certain items.

Thankfully confirm to you that this exploit still works in 2023 which is really cool, so that means any of the new items which were added with the 2.0 update in November 2021, you should be able to glitch into them that including this bathtub with the Yuzu item.

Of course many others as well, this glitch is really nice, and it's super harmless, it can be a way of getting into the rivers on your Animal Crossing New Horizons Island as well as on top of buildings around the Animal Crossing New Horizons island which is really cool, it's definitely a fun one, it's best when using it to kind of take photographs because a lot of people will be asking you.

2. Animal Crossing New Horizons Exploit - Kapp'n Exploit

Another interesting one is the cap and exploit. They haven't so far, basically the way this works is you can actually reset cap and Islands by going to an ACNH island and seeing if you don't like it or not, and then simply resetting, now this doesn't work for other things in the game, for example, you can't do it with Nook mile ticket islands and a big reason for that is because the game actually Auto saves when you go to those Animal Crossing New Horizons islands, but when you go to a cap and Island, it doesn't so that means the data isn't saved, and you can simply reset and get another Animal Crossing New Horizons Island again. 

This would have probably been too much work on Nintendo's Parts to try and fix, they may have had to do changes to the saving system in order to really get this working, and it wouldn't have really been worth it at all, because it's still a decent amount of effort to actually have to go and reset, a lot of people aren't really going to bother to do this,  but if you are low on Nook miles, then you could definitely do this to get a really interesting Island.

To get the star fragment Island which is so cool and still surprised that they even added something like this to the game, so it was definitely exciting to actually be able to get it, because honestly haven't seen this Animal Crossing New Horizons island in a year, now it still exists overall, definitely not one that ever sees patched, but that's a good thing, if you don't have many Nook miles, this could really help you out.

3. Animal Crossing New Horizons Exploit - Cliff Tree Glitch

Another exploit that still works in 2023 is the cliff tree glitch, basically, you can use this glitch to put trees on the edges of cliffs something that normally you wouldn't be able to do at all, it's a design limitation and trees have to have enough space around them, but using this glitch, you can actually do it, and once again, it involves terraforming to use this glitch, you have to start off by terraforming a section of nine tiles in one of the corners, you're going to want to cut out a piece, after that you're going to want to create a little water pattern, it also has to be curved in this little Nook that you just cut out after that you can head on to the top of the cliff and plant the tree of your choice.

Basically, that little water section is what is allowing you to plant a tree in a space where you usually wouldn't be able to which is pretty cool after that you can, basically use your terraforming shovel to dig away pieces of the cliff, and boom, it'll be right on the edge and you can kind of terraform around it, in fact, you can even use this to have trees on their own little Cliff pedestals which is really cool, once again a very harmless little exploit that Nintendo ever really bothered to glitch or maybe it was even too complicated, because with a lot of these glitches and exploits, they involve terraforming and they might actually have to change sudden fundamentals, just to fix one glitch which wouldn't be worth it, this one is honestly fantastic for designers and that it never got patched, that is really fantastic.

4. Animal Crossing New Horizons Exploit - Patched Glitches

In terms of Designing, now sadly not every glitch has been safe in Animal Crossing New Horizons, for example, a glitch that allowed you to climb up onto the fourth level of your Animal Crossing New Horizons island has actually been patched out, now as far as you can still technically climb up there, you can no longer place items up there at all in your inventory.

This was one Nintendo took away in fact when they did, they made it so that all of the animal crossing items, people have put up on these levels would actually be transported to the recycling box, Nintendo is definitely well aware of certain glitches, and if they can fix them, they've definitely tried to, can't forget about the glitch which allowed you to create a special secret area using waterfalls where you could basically jump through the waterfalls to get to a different spot that also got patched the same with another glitch which way you could actually plant trees on your Pathways which got patched incredibly quickly, despite that though so many glitches do still exist with an Animal Crossing New Horizons, they're all fairly harmless and enjoy using them.

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