ACNH Festivale Event 2023 & Valentine’s Day Updates - Dates, Items, Feathers, How Cyrus Affects the Festivale Event
2/9/2023 11:53:59 AM

Today we’re recapping some of the preparations you may want to consider for the upcoming Festivale Event and Valentine’s Day, as well as discussing why Cyrus of all characters now plays a significant role in how you might approach this holiday. We breakdown everything you need to know about the Festivale Furniture Series, including the Crafting Materials needed to customize them. We look closely at the Rainbow Feathers, and discuss how Cyrus affectively undermines the Rainbow Feather mechanics. In the end of this guide, we discuss the Valentine’s Day event, how to get Valentine’s Day seasonal items, what happens during Valentine’s Day and what to do for the event. 

ACNH Festivale Event 2023 - Release Date, Rainbow Feathers & How To Get

It is February and we are now fast-approaching Festivale 2023, that will see Pavé return to dance his way through the Mardi-Gras inspired holiday. This year, Festivale takes place on February 20th, which unlike last year, means we’ll be celebrating it in the Winter, and in the Snow. Technically, the event is already underway though as you can purchase several Festivale-themed clothing items from the Able Sisters. Plus some of the common Festivale event items are also available from the Seasonal Spot inside Nooks, in the lead up to the Event. So, if you enjoy Island life, but don’t necessarily check the stores every day, you may want to pop in a few times in the lead up-to Festivale to grab a few Festivale items and accessories in advance. 

Anyway, for those who want to take part in the Festivale event and obtain the rarer Festivale items that can only be obtained on the day, you need to catch a bunch of feathers, which can be seen floating around the New Horizons Island during Festivale. These feathers are pretty important, as they’re the key to unlocking new items from Pavé, but are also needed to craft the illusive Rainbow Feather. Although the Rainbow Feather can be see out in the wild, floating around, ready to catch, it is extremely rare, and much easier to obtain by using the other feathers to craft them. 

How to get rainbow feather DIY recipes in ACNH?

If you don’t have the recipe for the Rainbow Feather, Pavé gives it to you at the Plaza during the event. To craft a single Rainbow Feather, these are what you need to prepare:

1x red feather 

1x blue feather

1x green feather 

1x purple feather

These Rainbow Feathers are extremely important, not only for the event, but for the Festivale Furniture Series too. Firstly, you will need at least 3 Rainbow Feathers during Festivale to obtain the Festivale items that aren’t available from Nooks. Secondly, these Rainbow Feathers are used in-place of customization kits to customize items from the Festivale Furniture Series, including those you bought from Nooks, or obtained from Pavé. If we take the Festivale balloon Lamp for example, which can be customized into1 of 5 variants, you need 2 additional Rainbow Feathers to customize it. Which means you need to find and catch a whole bunch of rainbow feathers, or even more common feathers, to craft the rainbow Feathers. It can be a bit of a grind if you want to customize an entire Festivale Furniture Series and can even put you off designing with them. 

Fortunately, that’s where Cyrus comes in, and ever since he was added to Animal Crossing New Horizons,  seemingly broke the Festivale event, and more specifically, the rainbow feather mechanic. 

How Cyrus Affects the Festivale Event in ACNH 2023?

As you may know, if you unlock Reese and Cyrus on Harv’s Island, Cyrus will customize pretty much any item for you. In some instances, offering more customization choices that you can even do yourself at a crafting bench. The good news is, using Cyrus means you can avoid Customization Kits, or anything that’s used in their place, including Rainbow Feathers. Thanks to Cyrus, you no-longer need to worry about catching rare Rainbow Feathers, other than the 3 for Pavé, or hundreds of common feathers to craft Rainbow Feathers, Because, Cyrus doesn’t need them. With this in mind, Cyrus basically undermines the Rainbow   Customization mechanic, and will customize all Festivale furniture for you for ACNH Bells. So, taking the Festivale balloon lamp as an example again, you can use 2 Rainbow  Feathers to customize it yourself, or pay Cyrus 1000 Bells to customize it for you, and save yourself the hassle of obtaining, catching or crafting 2 Rainbow Feathers. 

Not only does taking advantage of Cyrus save you a bunch of Rainbow Feathers, and the time obtaining them, but it also means you don’t need to hoard feathers during Festivale to keep them in your Storage, should you decide you want to customize your event items at a later date. Whatever way you look at it, Cyrus overruling the Festivale customization mechanics is pretty awesome, and will save you a ton of time and resources. 

ACNH 2023 Valentine’s Day Seasonal Items & How to Get

Chocolate Heart: Buy for 1200 & Sell for 300

Heart-Shaped Bouquet: Buy for 1200 & Sell for 300

How to get Valentine’s Day items?

You can buy Valentine's Day furniture items from Nook Shopping in the Nook Stop from February 1 to February 14.

What Happens During Valentine's Day?

Receive letters in your mailbox from your dearly beloved villagers! Every single one of your villagers will send you a letter, and each letter will include Valentine's gift - just for you!


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