Next New Animal Crossing Game 2023 - Animal Crossing Update & Release 2023

3/8/2023 4:30:54 PM

About the next Animal Crossing game in 2023, there are some optimistic speculations and information about the Animal Crossing releases you should know.

Next New Animal Crossing Game 2023

Next New Animal Crossing Game 2023 - Animal Crossing Update & Release 2023

What is the next release of Animal Crossing in 2023? The next Animal Crossing game is either going to be a main line or a spin-off, and it is most likely a spin-off. When people are speculating that the new game is going to be a spin-off, they are not considering that Nintendo has already given us Happy Home Paradise, it was a paid DLC, which serves as a spin-off, the only difference was that we are not buying a new cartridge, instead, it is connected to the main game. We already have a mobile app called Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and they won’t exactly make a second version, so we can rule out another mobile app. There is still always a small chance that they will add another spin-off to the game, although they've already taken enough money from the community with the DLC and with Animal Crossing itself and all those people who specifically bought a Switch just for Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Why Nintendo Will Release a New Animal Crossing Game in 2023?

Why the new Animal Crossing game will come this year? S1enna has two thoughts to support that. Firstly, they created so many spin-offs in the game between New Leaf and New Horizons, Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, Happy Home Designer on the 3DS, and Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival on the Wii U were all released in this time frame. The developers had been working on and released three separate games in a seven-year time frame while also working on ACNH. We've already received our spin-off for New Horizons, which was Happy Home Designer, we have had access to that since November 2021. It only took them one year to develop an entire spin-off game and it's pretty high quality as well. So if they have the technology to create an entire spin-off in one year as they did, and this isn't three separate ones as they did between the gap of New Horizons and New Leaf, it's 2023, it's been well over a year, even though they are not close to finishing the game, they are at least complete part of that. 

The gap between games is not the only reason to support that the new Animal Crossing game is going to come out or be announced in 2023. On the other hand, at the beginning of ACNH, Nintendo said that they are going to update consistently for the future three years, however, the final major 2.0 update was released in 2021 with new Animal Crossing items and features, and they didn't even stick to their promise.

Nintendo just surpassed seven years of existence, and seven-year is the time span of lots of consoles, Nintendo also did promise 10 years of Switch, it’s safe to say they’ve been working on another console and that may be announced this year as well. Coming back to what we are discussing, why does the console have anything to do with the Animal Crossing release, new consoles have had a pretty close relationship with the release of the AC series. If we place an exception on the GameCube, Animal Crossing was released once per console. When the DS came out, the DS received Animal Crossing, and when the Wii came out, the Wii received Animal Crossing, the only console that didn't receive its respective Animal Crossing was the Wii U which got a spin-off. not a main line. If the next console is announced sometime this year, that means an Animal Crossing game will be announced alongside the console, because with every console releases a few games and Animal Crossing is the second best-selling game on the Switch, this time it might be an AC game that will provide longevity from the very beginning.


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