How to Remove Flowers and Stop Flowers from Spreading in Animal Crossing New Horizons

3/21/2023 3:44:21 PM

When flowers are growing out of control on your island in Animal Crossing New Horizons, how to get rid of that permanently? To remove flowers and stop them from spreading anymore in ACNH, here are some methods that will be introduced. 

How to Remove Flowers ACNH

How to Remove Flowers and Stop Flowers from Spreading in ACNH?

If there are a bunch of random Animal Crossing flowers spawn and ruin the beautiful scene you created, how to get rid of these flowers fast? To remove flowers on your island, the standard thing to do is dig them up, but if you time travel, if it rains, or if someone comes over in the waters, they can all grow back, so how to get rid of that potential? We are going to present three different ways to remove flowers and stop flowers from spreading in Animal Crossing New Horizons. 

1. Put down custom flower patterns

One of the ways to prevent flowers from spreading into the path is by actually putting down your own patterns of flowers, displacing them on the ground, and having them strategically placed, that way the flowers can’t really spread anywhere.

2. Put down rock paths

Another way is by putting some rock paths in front of where you want to prevent, putting those little rock paths around the outside of flowers, which can block and prevent flowers from growing too much. 

3. Use a blank pattern

The last way is by doing an intentionally blank design with absolutely nothing on it. If you decide you don't want any clovers or flowers or designs, and you just want the normal-looking path, you can actually place these down right on top of yourself and they will prevent all of these flowers from growing out. Below are the steps for making and applying a blank pattern. 

- The first thing you need to do is start up your Island Designer app and choose start construction. 

- Go ahead and go to your Custom Designs, you are gonna need to make a blank or clear pattern. 

- Take a Design Pattern, and choose Change Design. 

- Go into the design pattern, and select the clear tool, you can also select the fill tool to fill everything, just remove the cross lines and make sure there is nothing on the pattern. 

- Now you've got your clear design made and ready to go, you have to select it from your construction tool and then just put it down, as it is clear, it will go right over the top of the existing paths. This is how you make all of your paths clean and with no overrun edge of weeds or flowers that you don't want.

To make it easier, open your island designer, start construction, and then in the plus sign, when you go to custom design, just set the intentionally blank, so that way you can place it on top of every grass spot you don't want flowers to grow, but you won't be able to dig out this area anymore.

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