ACNH April Update 2023 - New Events, Items, DIYs & Changes in April Animal Crossing New Horizons

3/24/2023 10:15:32 PM

April is almost here in Animal Crossing New Horizons, which might be the best month in the entire game. It is packed full of all kinds of exciting activities, major events to enjoy, items to collect, critters to catch, and more. So today we are going to be going throgh all of the updates and changes in Animal Crossing New Horizons April 2023.

ACNH April Update 2023 - New Events, Items, DIYs & Changes in April Animal Crossing New Horizons  

ACNH Bunny Day Event 2023

The main Bunny Day event itself will happen on April the 9th, but it will happen throughout the whole week beforehand where you'll be able to first meet up with Zippity Bunny in the resident services plaza where you can talk to him to get some details about the event. There are so many different Bunny Day items that you need to collect and and craft. To get them, you need a ton of different eggs, so you'll really have to search thoroughly around the whole island to get every single type.

Bunny Day Items:

  • Bunny Day Garden Flag

  • Bunny Day Planter Box

  • Bunny Day Candy

  • Bunny Day Topiary

  • Bunny Day Tree

Bunny Day DIY Items:

  • Bunny Day Fence

  • Bunny Day Arch

  • Bunny Day Bed

  • Bunny Day Festive Balloons

  • Bunny Day Merry Balloons

  • Bunny Day Stool

  • Bunny Day Table

  • Bunny Day Vanity

  • Bunny Day Wardrobe

  • Bunny Day Lamp

  • Wobbling Zipper Toy

  • Bunny Day Flooring

  • Bunny Day Rug

  • Bunny Day Wall

  • Bunny Day Bag

  • Bunny Day Crown

  • Earth-Egg Outfit

  • Earth-Egg Shell

  • Earth-Egg Shoes

  • Egg Party Dress

  • Egg Party Hat

  • Leaf-Egg Outfit

  • Leaf-Egg Shell

  • Leaf-Egg Shoes

  • Sky-Egg Outfit

  • Sky-Egg Shell

  • Sky-Egg Shoes

  • Stone-Egg Outfit

  • Stone-Egg Shell

  • Stone-Egg Shoes

  • Water-Egg Outfit

  • Water-Egg Shell

  • Water-Egg Shoes

  • Wood-Egg Outfit

  • Wood-Egg Shell

  • Wood-Egg Shoes

How to Get Bunny Day DIY Recipes

  • Get from Balloons

  • Get from Message Bottles

  • Get from Villagers

  • Discover from picking up Eggs

  • Collect all Egg Clothes Recipes

  • Get from Zipper

ACNH Nooks Changes 

As a part of the Bunny Day event, Nook's Cranny will be selling some bunny day themed items for a limited amount of time, basically up until the bunny Day event is over. And some of the bunny day items you can get in Nooks cranny are amazing.

ACNH Prom Season 2023 

Another seasonal event which is happening from April the 1st to the 30th is prom season. This seasonal event is much more minor than bunny day but it's still a cool little addition to the game. You'll be able to head into the Able Sisters throughout the month and start to collect prom outfits of which there'll be lots of different variations for you to collect. This is the celebrate prom that is typically happening in America around the same time. So basically this mini event gives you an extra reason to head into Able Sisters to see if they have a limited time outfit. That generally you cannot get throughout the rest of the year, so this is the only period which you'll be able to do so. You can also head to the Nook shopping tab which will have some prom themed items for you to collect to celebrate the event as well.

  • Forsythia

  • Prom sash

  • Pro flooring

  • Whoopee cushion

ACNH Cherry Blossom Season 2023 April

This is people’s favorite part of the whole month of April, cherry blossom season. From the 1st until the 10th, cherry blossoms will take over your Island, the regular hardwood trees will become pink with cherry blossom petals and you'll also be able to catch cherry blossom petals in the air with your net and then craft a whole bunch of cherry blossom themed items with them. This is an absolutely glorious time and it perfectly summarizes Spring. As the month goes on, you'll see even more cherry blossom petals raining down from the sky and in your rivers as well. So the aesthetics of this event are unbeaten. 

There are some of the cherry blossom items that you'll be able to craft using the petals that you capture your net. There's a really great variety of some of the best possible items that you can find in your time playing, So definitely make sure to enjoy the cherry blossom season whilst it lasts it is one of the shortest and most fleeting events in the whole game ,but it is still one of the absolute best in the entire game.

  • Cherry-Blossom Branches

  • Cherry-Blossom Clock

  • Cherry-Blossom Flooring 

  • Cherry-Blossom Pochette

  • Cherry-Blossom Pond Stone

  • Cherry-Blossom Umbrella

  • Cherry-Blossom Wand

  • Cherry-Blossom-Petal Pile

  • Cherry-Blossom-Trees Wall

  • Cherry-Blossom Rug

  • Cherry-Blossom Bonsai 

  • Blossom-Viewing Lantern

  • Sakura-Wood Flooring 

  • Sakura-Wood Wall 

  • Outdoor Picnic Set

ACNH Seasonal Materials April

  • Young spring bamboo

  • Wood

  • Pine cone

  • Clump of weeds

  • Acorn

  • Clay

  • Hardwood

Cherry blossom petals are seasonal materials that you can collect, but there are some others too. For example, young spring bamboo is still around for those in the Northern Hemisphere and will be throughout the whole month of April. So if you want to craft some of those really neat bamboo items that are available in the game that you can find in balloons and such, then you should definitely do so throughout this month. If you happen to be in the southern hemisphere, then you can collect pine cones and acorns and there are a whole bunch of different items them too. On Harv's Island you can see cornama who will help you out by giving you some acorns every single day. So definitely make sure to collect these seasonal materials.

ACNH New Items for April 2023

We also have some limited time seasonal items which will be available throughout the month of April as well that you can collect.

ACNH Fishing Tourney

There's also another event that you can enjoy if you're in the northern hemisphere. This is the fishing tournament which will happen on April the April 8th. It is a nice little event which happens throughout the year where you'll be tasked to collect a certain amount of fish within a limited period of time. If you can do so, then you'll get some nice rewards from C.J. There are some pretty cool fishing tournament related items to collect, a lot of us have just played this event over and over throughout the history of Animal Crossing New Horizons, so you might be a little bit bored of it.

ACNH Bush Changes April

The Azalea bush will start blooming from April the 11th in the northern hemisphere, this is one of the prettiest bushes in the game. The camellia will also start blooming from the 1st too.. If you're in the southern hemisphere, then you won't get any new bushes, but the tea olive bush will stop blooming on April the30th, so that is something to keep in mind this is your last chance to really enjoy that bush before it's not in bloom anymore. 

ACNH Weather Patterns April

There are some also really interesting weather patterns that you should know throughout the month as well. If you're in the northern hemisphere, then you can expect that things will be completely sunny with absolutely no chance of rain from April 1st to the 10th which happens to be the cherry blossom season. So there is a 0% chance of seeing any rain at all. But from April 11th to June 15th, there is a 25% chance of it raining and a 14% chance of heavy rain. So expect to see a lot of rain throughout this season, there is a very high chance of it. If you are in the southern hemisphere, then from April the 1st until May 15th, you can expect to see a lot of rain also, this is because the cherry blossom season is not happening in the southern hemisphere at this time, so it can rain.

ACNH Critters April 2023

There are new bugs fish and sea creatures arriving throughout the month.

The bugs that will be arriving in April Northern Hemisphere are:

  • Common Bluebottle, Agrias Butterfly, Rajah Brooke’s Birdwing, Altlas, Moth, Madagascan Sunset Moth, Long Locust, Darner Dragonfly, Giant, Water Bug, Jewel Beetle, Flea, 

Southern Hemisphere

  • Ladybug

ACNH bugs leaving in April for the Northern Hemisphere

  • Tarantula

ACNH bugs leaving in April for the Southern Hemisphere

  • Yellow Butterfly, Bell Criket, Red Dragonfly, Darner Dragonfly, Banded Dragonfly, Stinkbug, Man-Faced Stink Bug, Ladybug, Tiger Bettle, Scorpion

Fish arrving leaving in April forNorthern Hemisphere:

  • Killifish, Crawfish, Snapping Turtle, Guppy, Neon Tetra, Seahorse, Clownfish, Surgeonfish, Butterfly Fish, Zebra Turkeyfish

Fish arrving leaving in April for Southern Hemisphere:

  • Yellow Perch, Db

Fishing leaving leaving in April for Northern Hemisphere:

  • Dab, Tuna, Blue Marlin

Fishing leaving leaving in April for Southern Hemisphere:

  • Snapping Turtle, Catfish, Tilapla, Angelfish, Betta, Rainbowfish, Moray Eel, Ribbon Eel, Giant Trevally, Mahi-Mahi

Sea creatures arrving leaving in April for Northern Hemisphere

  • Sea Pineapple

Southern Hemisphere:

Seaweed, Spiny Lobster, Venus’ Flower Basket

Sea creatures leaving in April for the Norhern Hemisphere;

  • Sea Cucumber, Snow Crab, Spider Crab

Southern Hemisphere:

  •  Giant Isopod, Spotted Garden Eel


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