ACNH May Day Event Guide 2023 - Rewards, How To Start & Complete May Day Maze In Animal Crossing

4/1/2023 4:19:50 PM

Be prepared to have an amazing time in early May. During the ACNH May Day event, players will receive a special May Day ticket in the mail, which they can use to travel to a special island. This island is different from the player's usual island and is designed to be a maze. Players must navigate through the maze, solving puzzles and collecting items, in order to reach the end and receive a special reward. In this ACNH May Day event guide 2023, we talk about the start date, Maze layout, Rover's rewards, and tips to complete the maze.


ACNH May Day Event Guide 2023 - How To Solve May Day Maze In Animal Crossing New Horizons

Soon you'll be given a May Day ticket by Tom Nook to celebrate May Day on the 1st of May. You'll be given a single ticket to fly to a special maze island in an effort to find the cat Rover, you'll be able to do this between April 29 1 and May 7. So don't fret if you don't do it on May 1. There are 9 bell vouchers in it for you and don't worry if you stuff it up, you can call rescue services to bail you out and try it again for the cost of 100 ACNH nook mile points. After speaking to Rossetti, you'll get dumped at the pier as if you just flew in there for the first time. Spoiler alert if you don't want the solution of how to solve this skip to the time code 6 minutes and 17 or use the chapters. 


ACNH May Day Ticket

The first thing we need to do in order to get access to the May Day Maze island is to go to the Resident Services Building and talk to Nook. Keep in mind, that he's talking about handing out May Day tickets but he doesn't actually hand you one and it's also not something that you get out of the Nooks Stop Terminal. It's just automatically at the airport after you trigger this event. So when you talk to Orville behind the desk at the airport, he'll mention that you have the May Day ticket and that you can use it. Nook and the other characters try to talk about the May Day island like it's some kind of big surprise and Nook also mentions that the last day to use the May Day ticket is May 7. But we suggest using it sooner rather than later. Once Tom Nook finishes his explanation head on over to the airport and talk to Orville behind the desk in order to start May Day. You can only get one May Day Maze per account.


How To Start May Day In Animal Crossing New Horizons?

When you talk to Orville, he'll mention the May Day ticket and he'll also say that you need to choose “I want to fly” and then select the May Day ticket in order to use it. You aren't allowed to use any of your ACNH items on the May Day Ticket island and so you don't really have to worry about emptying out your inventory because Orville kind of confiscates all of your belongings before you set out. Don't worry, you will get all of your belongings back. It'll be back in your inventory when you return to the island and also if you disconnect, you'll still have all of your belongings and you'll also have the May Day Ticket. 


ACNH May Day Maze Layout 2023

Over the years of updates, there have been two different types of May Day Tour Maze designs released in Animal Crossing: New Horizons by Nintendo, and the one you encounter may depend on your game’s version number and which year you’re playing in. May Day Tour Maze #2 can be identified by looking for two fruits to the left of the entrance arranged in a diagonal fashion, and multiple cliffs in sight. In Version 2.0 and later, this maze seems to occur in odd years like 2019, 2021, and 2023.


How To Complete ACNH May Day Tour 2023

Wilbur's explanations upon arrival on the island will prove to be less than helpful. Nevertheless, he will eventually expose the truth—that it is, in fact, a massive labyrinth. Finding your way out of this labyrinth entails more than simply making your way through a series of hedges. It calls for some of the expertise you've honed in Animal Crossing thus far. This walkthrough is for those who are currently participating in the 2021 version of the May Day Tour Maze. The Animal Crossing May Day Maze 2023 may be recognized by its diagonal arrangement of two fruits to the left of the entrance and its many cliffs in the background.

1. Use a Shovel to Remove Bushes and Trees

The second May Day Maze begins when you pick up the Shovel tool item from the ground and use it to uncover the fruit hidden behind the bush on the right. Use the Shovel to dig up the tree above you, and then pick up the Fruit and consume it.

 2. Get 2 Wood, 2 Fruit, and 1 Softwood from Each of 3 Different Locations

After you've dug up the tree, the labyrinth opens out in several different directions. To begin, grab the 2 Wood from the central location. The next step is to make your way to the rightmost corner of the labyrinth, hop over the river, and land near a rock where you may collect 2 Fruit. Return to the far left of the labyrinth, remove an impediment (the shrub), cross the bridge across the lake, and collect 1 Softwood. The Ladder do-it-yourself recipe is available, but it's not necessary.

3. Split Rock, Cut Down Tree, Get 2 Hardwood, 2 Fruit

Consume 1 Fruit and then smash the rock immediately above you with your Shovel. Pick up 2 Softwood by going up, then to the right over the chasm of water. Next, down 1 Fruit and start excavating the tree on the left. After you've gotten beyond it, you may pick up 2 Fruit by going down and over the lake.

4. Go Back to the Right and Get Some Fruit and some Hardwood

Follow your footprints back to the right side of the island, where you first found the 2 Fruit. Dig up the tree to the left after you've eaten one fruit and broken the rock right below it. The next step is to grab two pieces of Hardwood and bridge the chasm of water.

5. Remove 3 Tree Parts: 2 Hardwood, 1 Fruit

After making it over the lake, eat one fruit and then dig up the tree above you. The 1 Softwood can be found across another body of water to the left, the 1 Fruit can be found in the upper right, and the 2 Wood can be found lurking in plain sight between two rows of hedge fencing.

6. Go Back to the Left and Grab a Pair of Hardwood

You need to go back the way you came, to the left side of the island where the Ladder DIY was. The DIY Workbench is visible to the north, over the water gap on the left. You can pick up 2 Hardwood by eating 1 Fruit and breaking the rock above you.

7. An At-Home Workshop Including a Craft Ladder

You should now have four pieces of Wood, Softwood, and Hardwood if you followed our guidelines properly; if you don't, go back and get them. That's enough for making a Ladder at the Home Improvement Workbench, so get to it.

8. Return to the Top Right Side of the Map after Climbing Cliff and Retrieving the Axe

After you have crafted a Ladder, go straight across the ocean and use it to ascend the Cliff while carrying a toolbox item. Retrace your steps to the right side of the island where there is a vertical row of three water gaps, pick up the Worn Axe, and then down the Cliff using your Ladder.

9. Remove Worn Axe from Tree and Get Two Fruit from Cliff 

You need to use your Worn Axe to down the tree on the left after entering the labyrinth at the top right. The stump may be dug up or sat on in order to go around it. Next, using your Ladder, ascend the cliff and collect two fruits before returning to the DIY Workbench in the upper left corner of the labyrinth. Take two Fruit and go up toward the DIY Workbench, where you just smashed a rock. Remove the two trees on the right that are in the way. After that, use your Ladder to ascend the cliff where you found the fruit. Get the Three Fruit and return down the right side of the cliff.

10. Remove 2 Trees' Roots, Scale Cliff, and Eat 3 Fruit

Go up the stairs where you smashed the rock and ate the two fruits. Remove the two trees on the right that are in the way. After that, use your Ladder to ascend the cliff where you found the fruit. Get the Three Fruit and return down the right side of the cliff.

11. Use Rover's Digging Tools to Climb the Cliff

Dig up the shrub blocking your path, jump the water gap, and continue going in a clockwise circle around the right side of the labyrinth to reach the bottom of the three water gaps. You may reach the tree near Rover by making your way up via three successive water breaches. After eating 1 Fruit and digging up the tree, you will be able to reach the top of the last cliff and meet Rover.

ACNH May Day Rewards 2023

Rover’s Rewards

Animal Crossing players meeting Rover for the very first time will receive the Rover’s Briefcase item, while veteran players who already completed the May Day Tour last year will receive the brand new Rover’s Photo item.


Bell Vouchers

Once you complete the ACNH May Day Tour event 2023, you should end up with a max of 9 bell vouchers plus some of the other plans. Before you fly back, you'll be warned that if you do leave you can't redo it. The bell vouchers will be sent to you the next day which you can then sell at nook's cranny for 3000 Animal Crossing bells each or 3600 if you've got the bell boom ordinance.


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