Animal Crossing New Horizons Update 2023 - 5 Things Will Happened In the ACNH

3/29/2023 4:05:41 PM

Animal Crossing New Horizons updates tips, where the next game will ultimately hold Animal Crossing New Horizons stepped up improvements in the series from mechanics, like placing Furniture outside to terraforming to crafting, but there's so much more, this game could at the plethora of Life Sim and Farm Sims that have released over the years.

Dragon city

Animal Crossing New Horizons Update 2023 - 5 Things Will Happened In the ACNH

What mechanics could be added to the Animal Crossing series each game in the series? City New Leaf gave us a bunch of stuff, like a bunch of fruit mini-games Public Works projects Main Street, a few new special characters, and who's the mayor story that has still never been solved and Animal Crossing New Horizons gave us the huge mechanics that plus a spin-off DLC that connects to the game which is a nice improvement over happy home designer.

Dragon City is a free-to-play mobile game available on all devices where you can build an Empire with floating islands Farms habitats buildings and tons of dragons. These dragons, some of them are adorable, you can collect over a thousand dragons with Unique Designs elements and Rarities to build your dragon Empire, to collect dragons, you are the nature dragon.

Look at it combined dragons of flame nature ice electric, and many other elements to breed over a thousand awesome dragons hatch your eggs and then feed your baby dragons to watch them evolve,  you'll find more dragons of your favourite, and you can train, your dragon teaches them, new attacks, and bring them into battle to make them more potent in turn-based style combat besides combining dragons to create new ones.

1. Quality of life 

Probably get some kind of bulk crafting for Animal Crossing items like fish bait more items and Nooks or something like more pocket space and storage,  these are of course going to happen, what big mechanics they could add, like how New Horizons added farming terraforming crafting, you know this stuff one big issue that needs to be fixed in the series is a reason to talk to villagers to bring back the Villager fetch quests.

A new mechanic, a returning mechanic immediately, come back these were super fun, and the GameCube version, still does get requests sometimes you have to run around your Island,  until you find that one villager that wants to approach you with a question, if there even is one while you're playing, and asks you to deliver a gift to someone who is conveniently in their halls, and it's a really ugly shirt that you don't want them to wear.

Maybe people's glasses case from bam who's just somewhere on Island, it forces me to explore and talk to villagers, and it's a fun way to get items Corey brought up an enjoyable mechanic from Dragon Quest Builders too depending on the ACNH items you put in a room the characters will perform specific actions like.

If you place a chest of three bonfires and a dining table in a room the game will recognize it as a kitchen Diner, and then PCS will start cooking food that's placed in the chest, this is a cool mechanic imagine your villagers, actually using your espresso machine or eating some Ramen in your Cafe, get a little sense of this with happy home Paradise.

2. Locked features 

If they could interact more with the world, it would be incredibly adorable and more immersed and appreciate villagers for once speaking of returning stuff, the last returning thing, all the features available at launch, what the developers had in mind when they delayed releasing, and some features in the game, like swimming, but now that already had to wait in this game, how about locking the main mechanic behind gameplay requirements kind of like how the fully upgraded resident services or Nooks cranny isn't available to you until you reach a certain Milestone. 

3. Update the schedule

A complete update schedule at launch, maybe this is too much to ask for, but it shouldn't be something similar to what Splatoon 3, just a vague road map as to what to expect from Splatoon, some information about when each update is expected to drop, but didn't list everything that's happening for That season, get some surprises announced as time goes on, like a week's notice for Splat Fester big run or keeping the new weapons a mystery until the season is ready to be announced, it's a great way to keep the community excited and have us anticipate the next update, though the updates would be more frequent than every three months.

4. Returning Mechanics

There are so many returning or improved mechanics that some of the mechanics, see come back better than ever are the NES virtual consoles from the GameCube days or the Wii U and 3DS mini-games from New Leaf something to add a little something in the game or put a GameCube item that plays the original Animal Crossing, play Animal Crossing inside of Animal Crossing rugs outside need to be a thing.

5. Decoration mechanics

Let's increase the number of things to collect because this game doesn't have enough, but specifically talking about the museum, someone had the idea to add a new wing of the museum, like a bird-watching exhibit.

A camera app, why not add some cute birds to take pictures of moving on to another mechanic? The next game multiplayer barely had multiplayer, and New Horizons that do some stuff like dig holes and drop a ton of random items, because you know the fun stuff.

Even if, they can call Rescue Services or leave the island from wherever they are on the island, maybe the developers are trying to save us from Islands getting destroyed or getting massively trolled, but it's not like the way multiplayer is now, it's impossible for people to not mess with your Island. 


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