Animal Crossing New Horizons Island Updates - New Spring Kidcore Island Update

3/30/2023 4:48:22 PM

Today new Island tea cozy, a lot has changed on the island in the last week. Show you the new villagers, hopefully, maybe reach three stars, let's get to it. 

Any decorating, obviously just been throwing down Furniture to kind of like reach three stars, here's the messiness that is this side of the island, just a lot of stuff thrown down and you know it's not exactly the prettiest, but that's what Rock Islands look like at the beginning.


Animal Crossing New Horizons Island Updates - New Spring Kidcore Island Update

Villagers on the island

Palazza - the newest villager on the island, she's so cute, she can be a permanent villager, here are the villagers' ketchup was the first, peppy and Cali and Ozzy were the first normal and lazy villagers. 

If you've seen any of the previous villager hunts so much, and always wanted him on my Island. Pashmina and igli were starter villagers Lucha was a campsite villager, and then Freya and Gabby are the two newest villagers. While others tent over here, this island hasn't officially decided, but it's kind of out of the way. 

A bunch of flowers planted, but like probably gonna ask for more flowers, she's probably gonna ask for more trees, the only thing so far in terms of like visiting Treasure Islands is to grab some tickets to do some villager hunting, all of the things planted, reset on the 20th, and today is now the 28th, just casual playing, a lot of fishing and Bug catching and weed picking, just equals up to a lot of like Nook miles that's another thing.

The theme of kid core

A couple of lazy villagers on this island, just fit the theme of kid core so well, a lot of the villagers are very soft tones, like Browns and Grays and Lucha's in here too.

The theme gonna be very cute, cozy and soft tones, already done like two spring core Islands, like a take on Spring core, but mixed Cottage grandma and kid core and with it too distinct.

A cutesy island before like, pink has never been like colour in colour schemes for Islands, except for tropical City Island. Obviously, the villager is gonna be like wearing on Island, but embrace like the kid core thing, like custom dresses. 

KK's concert

Now, KK's concert, and then download all the things for terraforming. Do any terraforming today? Just kind of like you know start like grabbing stuff from the Nook kiosk, show you a couple of the custom designs, by for direct feed from the concert venue, the concert venue is like right outside the door, and because you have probably seen, KK's concert about a dozen times already, probably even more.

Once the concert's over here, now that KK has performed, it's time to focus on making Allen's life better. Living each day to the fullest doing things, having lots of fun, looking from the kiosk, and also having no access to the shop.

Custom Designs 

Custom Designs are just so much, nicer Nintendo needs to give us more Custom Design slots, but your girl can dream of speaking of Nintendo, just watch the new gameplay for tears of the Kingdom, today that was released, less than two months away from tears of the Kingdom coming out.

Connecting to the internet while just showing you one of the main paths, just gonna quickly type it in, just so you have kind of like a general idea of like what the vibe is for the island, and you have probably seen this path on other people's islands, especially more like natural Islands, this is the original version and then there's this one with the stones, this is like one of the paths. What you do with this path are you kind of mix and match, together with the leaf versions and it's very like soft and very spring-esque, this is like one of the paths.

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