ACNH Wedding Season Event 2023: Items (Rewards, DIYs), Heart Crystals Collect Tips

5/1/2023 6:55:20 PM

In June, wedding season returns in Animal Crossing New Horizons, and it's time to celebrate love and romance on your island. This annual event takes place throughout the month of June, and it's the perfect opportunity to show off your island's design skills while also earning some exciting rewards. Whether you're a new player or a seasoned veteran, our 2023 Wedding Season Guide will provide you with all the information you need to make the most of this romantic event. From tips on how to decorate Harvey’s studio with a Ceremony theme and tricks on helping Reese and Cyrus complete their wedding photoshoots, to the methods for collecting heart crystals and wedding items, we've got you covered. 


Animal Crossing New Horizons Wedding Season Event Guide 2023

It's that time of year again in Animal Crossing New Horizons – June marks the start of wedding season! During this month, the lovable alpacas who typically provide customizing services since 2.0 will make an appearance to recreate special moments from their own wedding. To participate, players are invited to fly to Harv's island and help design a theme, while also taking on the role of photographer. As a reward for your efforts, you'll receive exclusive, time-sensitive wedding items and a special currency known as heart crystals. These crystals can be exchanged for even more wedding items, which we'll dive into shortly. Join us as we explore all the exciting details of the 2023 Wedding Season in ACNH!

ACNH Wedding Season 2023 Date

The start and end dates for the Wedding Season event in Animal Crossing New Horizons are as follows:

Start Date: June 1st

End Date: June 30th

ACNH Wedding Season 2023 Changes

Despite being a long-standing event in the game since launch, the release of 2.0 has brought some exciting new additions to the Wedding Season in Animal Crossing New Horizons. One of the most notable updates is the inclusion of lighting, allowing players to add even more character to their designs. Additionally, the use of partitions and islands is now an option, but players may need to craft at least one to see them in the list. As for future updates, we anticipate that Nintendo may introduce even more new items or mechanisms to make the event even more accessible and enjoyable for long-time players.

ACNH Wedding Season 2023 Progress (How To Start & Decorate Photo Shoots)

Want to know how to join the event and receive wedding-themed items as rewards? During this time, we're helping to celebrate Reese & Cyrus's Wedding Anniversary by decorating their cabin on Harvest Island. 

1 - Start from June 1 to June 30, you get a call from Harvey with a plea for help. If you don't get this for your first play during June, it's possible that you haven't yet met Harvey, this would happen if you've just started playing the game. 

2 - So once you've introduced yourself, head to the airport using the "I want to fly" option followed by Visit Harv's Island.

3 - You'll be coaxed into doing redos of these two alpacas' wedding ceremony and receptions, don't worry if you feel like it's groundhog day, you kinda go to grind it out for 5 days going between the ceremony and reception.

4 - Until you get to the 6-day where you actually get to create a party using your own villages plus some of the NPCs, it's limited to 10 guests so arrange them as you like.

5 - It's worth noting that the Wedding Season activity in Animal Crossing New Horizons doesn't require players to participate on consecutive days to unlock rewards. Each day that you do participate, however, you'll be rewarded with a new wedding item crafted by Cyrus, as well as a variable number of crystals ranging from 5 to 14, depending on the quality of your design aesthetics. To help you gauge your progress, Reese will provide hints and feedback along the way. So don't worry about maintaining a streak and just have fun creating and unlocking new items!

ACNH Wedding Items & Rewards 2023 (DIY Recipes, Heart Crystals, Nook Shop Items)

Numerous rewards and items make Wedding Event one of the most popular holidays in Animal Crossing New Horizons, some of them need to be crafted by getting DIY recipes from Harv and Reese, some need to be exchanged with Heart Crystals, and some You can only buy it from Nook Shopping. Below we will list all the wedding season items you can obtain during the event according to the acquisition method:

Wedding Items Rewarded by Reese & Harv

  • Wedding Bench (Day 1, from Cyrus via Reese)

  • Wedding Table (Day 2, from Cyrus via Reese)

  • Wedding Flower Stand (Day 3, from Cyrus via Reese)

  • Wedding Head Table (Day 4, from Cyrus via Reese)

  • Wedding Pipe Organ (Day 5, from Cyrus via Reese)

  • Wedding Arch (Day 6, from Cyrus via Reese)

  • Reese & Cyrus Photo Plate (Day 6, from Cyrus via Reese)

  • Wedding Wand Recipe (Day 7, from Cyrus )

  • Wedding Fence Recipe (Day 7, from Harvey)

ACNH Heart Crystals & The Items Can Be Trade With

Heart crystals obtained from Cyrus & Reese can be traded when you speak to Cyrus for a growing list of items each day you complete the challenge. Note you can only exchange 8 items per day even if you have crystals left over. 

ACNH Wedding Items Can Be Traded With Heart Crystals

  • Wedding Furniture Items Trade With Heart Crystals

  • Wedding Arch (20 Heart Crystals)

  • Wedding Bench (5 Heart Crystals)

  • Wedding Cake (6 Heart Crystals)

  • Wedding Candle Set (4 Heart Crystals)

  • Wedding Chair (3 Heart Crystals)

  • Wedding Decoration (3 Heart Crystals)

  • Wedding Flower Stand (4 Heart Crystals)

  • Wedding Head Table (6 Heart Crystals)

  • Wedding Pipe Organ (40 Heart Crystals)

  • Wedding Table (6 Heart Crystals)

  • Wedding Welcome Board (5 Heart Crystals)

  • Wedding Rug (4 Heart Crystals)

  • Wedding Wall (12 Heart Crystals)

  • Wedding Flooring (12 Heart Crystals)

Wedding Clothing Items Can Be Traded With Heart Crystals

  • Bridal Veil (12 Heart Crystals)

  • Wedding Dress (20 Heart Crystals)

  • Wedding Pumps (6 Heart Crystals)

  • Wedding Shoes (6 Heart Crystals)

  • Wedding Tuxedo (20 Heart Crystals)

How To Collect Heart Crystals As Many As Possible?

There are several ways to collect as many Heart Crystals as possible during the Animal Crossing New Horizons Wedding Season Event:

  • Decorate the cabin: The better your interior design skills, the more Heart Crystals you can earn. Use the limited-time wedding-themed furniture items provided by Cyrus to decorate the cabin to the best of your abilities.

  • Take high-quality photos: Snap a photo of the decorated cabin using the in-game camera feature. The better the photo quality, the more Heart Crystals you can earn.

  • Help Cyrus with his photography: Speak to Cyrus, who will ask you to take photos of Reese and him in various poses. The more photos you take, the more Heart Crystals you can earn.

  • Complete daily event goals: Speak to Harvey to receive daily event goals. Completing these goals will earn you Heart Crystals.

  • Invite friends to help decorate: Invite friends to your island to help decorate the cabin. The more friends you invite, the more Heart Crystals you can earn.

By utilizing these methods, you can maximize your Heart Crystal collection during the Animal Crossing New Horizons Wedding Season Event.

Best Decorating Tips For Getting The Most Heart Crystals

To get the most Heart Crystals during the Wedding Season event in Animal Crossing New Horizons, it's important to focus on creating a visually appealing and well-designed space. Here are some decorating strategies to help you earn more Heart Crystals:

  • Use a variety of wedding furniture items and decorations to create a cohesive theme. Don't be afraid to mix and match different pieces to create a unique look.

  • Pay attention to details like lighting, color schemes, and spacing. Using well-placed lighting and carefully selecting colors that complement each other can go a long way in creating a visually stunning scene.

  • Utilize the space effectively. Use the different types of furniture and decoration items available to create a multi-dimensional and layered space.

  • Incorporate outdoor elements like flowers and trees to add depth to the scene.

  • Use partition walls and other furniture items to create different levels and spaces within your design.

  • Don't get too carried away with the customizations. It doesn't matter and it actually works against you for maxing out the points. Just follow Reese's lead on the theme, the first five days are all cute, otherwise known as pink and white, so don't get too hung up on it.

  • We experimented by placing just one piece of furniture which gave us five crystals for a total effort, and even if we just spam a bunch of benches in the area, we'll max it to 14 crystals, from day 7, you can get up to 18, using the same technique. 

  • The 6th day is a little different from the first 5 and you get to recreate a party, you'll have the obligation of starting and stopping the party. After you complete the event in addition to the wedding arch, you'll also get a commemorative Cyrus and Reece plate which is pretty cool. 

  • On the 7th day, you're in for a treat, you'll get to do a chic design rather than a boring cute series. If you've never done the event before, you'll be gifted a DIY recipe from Harvey and Reese will give you a DIY recipe for a wedding wand. You'll also be given a chance to design a garden wedding that's if you haven't had enough of weddings by now.

  • We did notice that on the 7th day, you get the option to scan in your Amiibos for that event, though it isn't a party per set.

Remember, the number of Heart Crystals you receive each day will depend on the quality of your design, so take your time and put effort into creating a well-thought-out and visually appealing space. Good luck and have fun decorating!

How Many Heart Crystals Are Needed For All Wedding Items (Furniture & Cloth)?

To acquire at least one of the exclusive wedding-themed decor items, you will need a total of 261 Heart Crystals. This is for both the furniture and clothing items. However, if you're only interested in obtaining the furniture, you'll need 197 Heart Crystals. If you're looking to save on Heart Crystals and are not interested in the floors, wallpaper, and carpets, you'll only need 101 Heart Crystals to obtain the furniture items.

ACNH Wedding Items Can Be Bought From Nook Shopping

Throughout the whole month of June, you can also purchase these wedding-themed furniture & clothes from Nook Store. 

Flower-Petal Basket (1200 bells)

Nuptial Bell (4500 bells)

Nuptial Doorplate (1400 bells)

Nuptial Ring Pillow (2200 bells)

White Hakama with Crest (4800 bells)

Shiromuku (4800 bells)

Tsunokakushi (2940 bells)

On the topic of buying more things, don't neglect to visit your ABD in resident services to check out the Nook Shopping, navigate to the Seasonal Section which if you're not in the habit of doing this should be something you do at least once a month as these constantly rotate, there are four other items to buy in the form of the nuptial bell, the ring pillow, door plate, and the flower petal basket.

More Tips for ACNH Wedding Season Event 2023

  • make sure you leave some space to be able to talk to either Reese or Cyrus after you finish or you might end up with this awkward patch up situation. 

  • use the opportunity to customize with the alpacas, whilst you're on halves island if you want variants 

  • If you already know the wand or fence recipe on the 7th day, you'll be given 10 crystals each by both Harv and Cyrus

  • Don't forget to order an extra flower stand from Cyrus before the end of June, so at least you've got one to craft the wedding wand

  • An extra bonus give your nuptial bell that little bit of extra flair by adding small items underneath it you're welcome would love to hear what you place underneath yours.

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