Animal Crossing New Horizons Tips & Tricks - 5 Best ACNH Tips For Beginner

4/27/2023 11:59:10 AM

Welcome back to Animal Crossing New Horizons, to be going over some tips and tricks for Animal Crossing New Horizons in 2023.

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Best  Animal Crossing New Horizons Tips & Tricks For Beginners 

To start with designing and putting your Island together. 

1.  ACNH Tips For Beginner - Put all of your houses on the beach 

The first tip would be to put all of your houses on the beach, if you are just starting out or if you want to arrange your Island again, you don't have any houses in the way of the structures you're building if you're terraforming, here's not going to be a big house in the way, and you have to move it.

Before you do anything else, put all of your houses on the beach, they'll be all organized there, and you can move them around, later once you have all your terraforming done, maybe your decorations you can just move your house right to the spot, this every single time to rearrange something or do something again, it's very helpful.

2. ACNH Tips For Beginner - Pick a good spot for your resident services

When starting an island, if you start fresh would be to pick a good spot for your resident services, because you cannot change where it's located unless you create a new island.

Of course, but where you pick your resident services to go, maybe not having it too far from your airport, fortunately, in some beautiful beautiful islands where everything is so perfect, but then complaining about how close their resident services are, you're able to work with yours too, so be smart about where you want your resident services to be you have options when you begin to think it over and Choose Wisely. 

3. ACNH Tips For Beginner - Test where your houses and buildings will go 

The third tip is to test where your houses and buildings will go by placing custom designs on the ground, this is that you can place the dimensions on the ground to get a feel for where you want your houses or buildings.

Now make a square for the dimensions of a house which is a four by four square, and if where it is, and it's the right spot, just erase what's on the ground and retry and that's a lot simpler. This is a good tip, at the beginning, because it just helps the flow of everything when you're planning and designing your Island, and as hard as it can be to plan and design your Island why not make things a little bit smoother by going that extra step to plan where you want your houses and buildings to go.

4. ACNH Tips For Beginner - Have all of your designs planned out

When you want to design and plan your island is knowing the limits of the bridges and inclines that you can put the last thing you want is to have all of your designs planned out, you have you're terraforming all set, and you're ready to put your inclines and bridges, and all of a sudden you realize that you went over the limit and that limit is 10 inclines and 10 Bridges since the 2.0 update you went from 8 to 10 for each of them.

When you're doing your layouts for everything, the last thing you want is to have too many, and it ruins the whole vibe of everything, so be very cautious of that 10 inclines and 10 Bridges, some people really do incorporate all of those bridges and inclines into their Island, so beautifully and you may be one of those people someday, so keep in mind 10 inclines and 10 Bridges as your limit for the island.

5. ACNH Tips For Beginner - ACNH items and resource tips

To talk about items and resource tips, these tips are beginner friendly, the materials that fall from shaking or chopping the tree, are softwood, regular wood, and hardwood, this comes from your regular old Cedar, and normal trees to the right of that come from hitting bamboo trees bamboo. 

Next the materials that come from hitting rocks, there are a couple of ACNH items that can fall from rocks when you hit them, you can hit them with your shovel, stone clay iron, and a rare gold ingot gold is very valuable in this game.

The items and resources section is seasonal items from nature,  now you can have a lot of seasonal materials dropped from trees,  such as cherry blossom petals that can be dropped from trees during Springtime Springtime in the northern hemisphere is February 25th to May 31st and in the southern hemisphere, it's August 25th to November 30th in the fall which is September 1st to November 25th in the Northern Hemisphere and March 1st to May 25th in the southern hemisphere acorns and pine cones can fall off trees and different kinds of mushrooms can also grow near trees during the last month of fall and for 10 days during fall there will be maple leaves that drop too and an extra item.

During winter November 26 to February 24th in the Northern Hemisphere and May 26 to August 24th in the southern hemisphere are snowflakes with all the items, you can use them to craft DIYs, or you can keep them for yourself, if you just want to have them as Collectibles, you can do many things with them, so if you didn't know about seasonal materials that could be crafted into seasonal items well.

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