ACNH Catalog Islands 2023: Free Dodo Codes & How To Catalogue Items

5/29/2023 3:42:17 PM

Here we are going over everything you need to know about the cataloging items and catalog island in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

What is the Catalog in Animal Crossing New Horizons?

The catalog in Animal Crossing is the complete list of everything you have ever picked up this includes items that are bought from Nook's Cranny excluding DIYs, paper bag items, any crafted items, any special items from holidays or NPCs such as items from Gulliver and Zhara's, special floors and wallpapers, KK slider music, villager photos, fossils and all clothing items bought from the Able Sisters Store.

How Do I Get (Access) the Catalog?

The catalog will become available to you once you have unlocked the first Nook's Cranny. The catalog is then accessible to you from the Nook Stop kiosk in Resident Services. You may be wondering if items that you pick up before unlocking the catalog will still be added. The answer is YES. Your catalog is retroactive, so any items you pick up before unlocking your catalog will still appear once it's unlocked. After you purchase 100 items through the catalog via the Kiosk, you will unlock the Catalog App on your Nook Phone which you can use to access your catalog from anywhere in the game and not just at the kiosk. You can check how many items you have purchased through Nook Shopping so far, by checking the Nook Mile Redemption Shop to it. 

If you have Nintendo Online, you can download the Nintendo Online App for your smartphone and link your Animal Crossing game to the app once linked you can also access your catalog from your smartphone. 

What is the Point of the Catalog?

  • From your catalog, you can purchase any items that can be bought with bells, these items include all items sold in Nook's Cranny, the Able Sisters, and from Kicks. You can also see color variations of items if you have cataloged those as well. Occasionally seasonal items are available to purchase with bells, we recommend looking up the exact items you are interested in to see if they can be purchased with bells.

  • The catalog is also a very good reference for all the items you have ever picked up, all items in your catalog will also be available for you to use on Harv's Island for decorating. 

  • The catalog is also a huge part of the activity known as cataloging or touch trading, cataloging means you pick up an item and then drop it back down, that item then gets added to your catalog. This is a great way to share the ability to buy items among the Animal Crossing community without having to trade for the items and give the actual items away. 

Why Should You Catalog Items in ACNH?

The cataloging feature is a great way to get more items in the game. For example, all the items in Nook's Cranny come in multiple colors, yet your island only ever sells one of the color variations, some items even come in eight colors, this means if you only rely on your island shops for items you will be missing out on many colors of all the items. Occasionally you will get items in other color variations from balloons and from your villagers, but building up your catalog this way is very slow.

Why Can't I Buy Everything from the Catalog?

Why are Some Items Able To be Purchased from the Catalog in others or not? Only items purchased with bells with some exceptions can be purchased through the catalog. We have noticed that items sent to you in the mail from Nintendo are also available to be purchased through the catalog, this mechanic makes certain special items rarer and harder to obtain, since they cannot be purchased. 

Items that you cannot purchase from the catalog include:

  • Villager Photos

  • Sahara floors and walls

  • DIY items

  • Gulliver items

  • Gullivarrr items

How to Catalog Items in ACNH?

Cataloging items is very simple, all you have to do is pick up an item, and then drop it item back down. From there it will instantly go into your catalog and you will see that item if you enter your catalog and scroll to it. It will take longer for it to update in your catalog on your phone in the Nintendo Online App, so don't worry if you don't see it right away.

For example, if you didn't have the white upright piano in your catalog, only the black one. Now you will pick up the white upright piano and then immediately drop it, now when you look up the upright piano in your catalog, the white one also appears now and you have the option to buy it with bells when previously you had no way to buy this item. This is the beauty of cataloging. 

How Can You Add More Items To Your Catalog?

To add more items to your catalog, you can go to the catalog island shared with other players, which allows you to come over and pick up and drop off every item the island owners have to offer.

What is Catalog Island in ACNH?

A Catalog Island allows you to add things to your Nook Shopping catalog where you can then re-purchase the items as many times as you want with bells. When you visit a Catalog Island, all you need to do is simply pick up an item and then drop it off for the item to be added to your catalog. You do not take the items home with you. 

ACNH Free Catalog Island Dodo Codes 2023

If you want to catalog items to your Nook Shopping Catalogue, go to find the free catalog island dodo codes with the following methods: 

  • 1. Go to r/ACCatalogParties on Reddit, there have catalog islands shared with all clothes and all furniture;

  • 2. You can get Free Dodo Codes directly from @CatalogIsland on Twitter;

  • 3. Search "Animal Crossing Catalog Island" on Twitch, you will find streamers share Catalog Island Dodo Codes there. 

Since most Catalog Islands are open for a limited time, we cannot share the confirmed dodo code, but you can find the Catalogue Islands dod codes available at this time through the above methods!

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