3 Items (Mannequins) to Avoid in ACNH - How to Get Rid of Items Obtained from Treasure Island

7/25/2023 11:55:44 AM

Animal Crossing offers a delightful and immersive world where players can decorate their islands with a vast array of items. However, not all items are created equal, and there are a few that you should be cautious of when adding them to your collection. In this article, we will highlight 3 dangerous items that you should avoid in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

3 Items to Avoid in  Animal Crossing - What to Do with Mannequins in ACNH Treasure Islands

Collecting items is one of the biggest parts of Animal Crossing New Horizons. So naturally services like Nookazon and Treasure Islands have been incredibly popular. These can be helpful ways to get your hands on some of the trickier to obtain items in the game. But what about unobtainable items? But in the case of free, you can, and it's actually bad, most Treasure Islands will generate items onto their Islands, which means they have the ability to generate a few items that under normal gameplay circumstances would be unobtainable. And if you happen to pick one of these up for yourself, you'll probably end up regretting it. So what exactly are these items you should be avoiding and what happens if you end up getting one? How to get rid of that item?

These are 3 items you might find yourself wanting to collect in ACNH. You might even see them on a Treasure Island. But you should definitely avoid them:

These items are the head mannequin, torso mannequin, and bottoms mannequin. If you've ever played the DLC, then these might seem familiar, you actually use these when building the apparel shop. In this instance, they act almost like regular items rather than a special tool or something. You simply take them out of the designing menu to use them in your build. You have no way of bringing these back to your own island or even purchasing them from anywhere which is a shame because we had mannequins back in New Leaf. So these items are purely intended for use in this one shop in Happy Home Paradise, not our own Islands. So when people generate these items onto their Treasure Islands, it causes a bit of a problem for anyone who happens to pick them up, because these items aren't supposed to end up in your inventory. You can place them down around your Island. But as far as they know, they don't really even do anything, they're effectively useless outside of Happy Home Paradise just as Nintendo intended.

You'll soon find that getting rid of them is also really difficult. For a start, you can't give them to your villagers, they just don't want to be cursed either. You can't sell them to Timmy and Tommy, they have no idea what to do with it. This includes a source drop-off box too, so you're out of luck there. You can't even throw them away in a bin. So what exactly do you do if you end up with these? There are only two ways of getting rid of them. 

  • - The first is it will require more waiting around. You'll need to have unlocked terraforming which means you will also have unlocked the cleanup tool. This will allow you to clean up items that are surrounding you, automatically sending them to a recycling box in resident services. This is where the mannequin parts will end up until eventually they're cycled out in favor of other items. This could take upwards of 30 days, but at least they aren't stuck in your inventory.

  • - The other is a little bit more complicated, this will require you creating a new character on your Island which you can have a total of 8. They'll have to pick up the mannequins you've placed down, put them in their inventory and then delete themselves. This should get rid of the items permanently though, but it's a lot of effort. 

So you probably don't want to pick up these items, whilst they won't exactly corrupt your game or anything it's still bad news. You'll either have to deal with them stucking in your inventory, recycling books, we'll have to go through the effort of creating and deleting an entire character just to see them gone and they're useless. 

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