How to Get Unlimited Nook Miles in ACNH - Animal Crossing Nook Miles Farming 2023

7/14/2023 3:43:36 PM

Nook Mile is another important currency in New Horizons besides bells, players can earn that by completing various activities and challenges. If you need a lot, how to speed up its farming and how to get unlimited Nook Miles in ACNH? Here we are going to introduce a trick that works in 2023. 

acnh Nook Miles

How to Get Unlimited Nook Miles in ACNH - Animal Crossing Nook Miles Farming 2023

How to get unlimited Nook Miles in Animal Crossing New Horizons now? There is a trick that involves time travel works after the 2.0 Update. The ABD gives you free Animal Crossing Nook Miles whenever you open it up on a new day on New Year’s, when you enter the Resident Services building and open up the Nook Stop on that day, you’ll get 500 miles, which is a significant increase in Nook Miles, that is a New Year’s greeting from the Nook Mileage Program and they are going to make up for the Resident Services’ holiday closure. Generally, you can only do this once per in-game year, but with time travel on your side, you're able to trick the game into giving you that bonus 500 nook miles every couple of minutes. 

How to farm numerous Nook Miles fast in ACNH? Here are the steps.

1. Go to the System Settings, and select System

2. Scroll down to Date and Time, then change the date on your Switch to January 1, you can set the year to whenever you want, the latter, the better. 

3. When Isabelle finished talking, you can open up the ABD, and select Redeem Nook Miles to get an easy 500 Nook Miles exclusive to the January 1st.

4. Once you've collected the nook miles, simply press home, open up your System Settings, go to Date and Time, and then change the year 1 backward.

5. Reopen your game, exit out of the current menu, and save and exit.

This method is more efficient than the traditional one, which closes the game and changes the date, once you’ve loaded back in, you’ll find Isabelle does not waste your time as you went backward in time, this will help you farm Nook Miles so much faster in Animal Crossing, you can repeat this over and over to farm an unlimited amount of Nook Miles. A small tip is to move your house closer to the Resident Services building to improve efficiency. Each time you get 500 Nook Miles only takes several minutes, so you can farm a good amount of miles per hour, which is one of the fastest ways to farm Nook Miles in the game, besides getting your Nook Miles achievements done.

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