ACNH September (Fall) Update 2023: Events, Seasonal Items, DIYs, Critters, Changes in Animal Crossing

8/1/2023 11:00:40 AM

As September approaches, the vibrant world of Animal Crossing: New Horizons prepares to embrace the autumn season with exciting events, new critters, and delightful surprises for players to enjoy. From festive holidays to rare items, the ACNH September update promises to captivate players with a plethora of activities on their beloved island.

Animal Crossing New Horizons September Update 2023 (Events, DIYs, Critters, Changes)

September is a month full of changes and surprises in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Whether you are in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere, there are plenty of new things to experience and enjoy on your island. Here are some of the highlights of the ACNH September Update 2023:

ACNH September Events and Seasonal Items

September brings a plethora of festive celebrations to the island, providing players with ample opportunities for delightful social interactions and rewards. Some of the notable events and holidays in ACNH September Update 2023 include:

1. Bug-Off (Fishing Tourney)

   - Date: The third Saturday of September

   - Event Details: Flick the Chameleon will visit your island to host a Bug-Off, where you can catch bugs to earn points.

   - Event Items: You can earn Bug-Off exclusive items, including bug-themed furniture and clothing, by exchanging points with Flick.

2. Grape Harvest Festival

   - Date: September 1 to 30

   - Event Details: The Grape Harvest Festival is a special event that typically takes place in September in the Northern Hemisphere and March in the Southern Hemisphere. During this event, players can participate in activities related to grape harvesting and winemaking.

   - Event Items: You can buy Grape-Harvest Basket from Nook Shopping

3. Moon-Viewing Day (Tsukimi)

   - Date: September 12 to 21

   - Event Details: This Japanese traditional event takes place on the 13th of September, where players can gather together to appreciate the full moon. It's a perfect time to host a moonlit gathering with friends and enjoy the tranquil beauty of the night sky.

   - Event Items: You can purchase Dango, Moon Rug, Moon Cake from Nook Shopping

4. Chuseok

   - Date: September 12 to 21

   - Event Details: Chuseok is the Korean celebration of the Mid-Autumn Moon, also celebrated as Tsukimi in Japan. It occurs on the 15th day of the 8th month of the Chinese lunar calendar1.

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons. 

   - Event Items: You can buy a songpyeon from Nook Shopping. A songpyeon is a traditional Korean rice cake filled with sweet or semi-sweet ingredients1.

5. Villager Birthdays

   - Date: Various dates in September, depending on the villagers on your island

   - Event Details: If any of your island residents have birthdays in September, you can celebrate with them by giving them presents and attending their birthday party.

Remember that events and items may change or be added to the game with updates, so it's essential to keep an eye on the official announcements or community resources for the latest information. Enjoy your adventures on your Animal Crossing island!

ACNH September DIY Recipes & Materials

In line with the changing seasons, players can collect a range of exclusive autumn-themed items and DIY recipes during September. From cozy furniture to stunning decor, the island will be adorned with warm hues that reflect the charm of fall. Make sure to participate in seasonal events and activities to get your hands on these limited-time treasures!

Acorns and Pine Cones (September 1 to December 10 in Northern Hemisphere)

In the Northern Hemisphere, you can collect Acorns and Pine Cones from shaking hardwood and cedar trees. You can use them to craft some Fall Items such as an Acorn Pochette, a Pine Bonsai Tree, a Tree's Bounty Arch, and a Tree's Bounty Big Tree.

Cherry Blossoms (August 25 to November 30 in Southern Hemisphere)

In the Southern Hemisphere, you can collect Cherry Blossoms from shaking hardwood trees. You can use them to craft some Spring Items such as a Cherry-Blossom Pochette, a Cherry-Blossom Bonsai, a Cherry-Blossom Branches, and a Sakura-Wood Wall.

Mushrooms: In both hemispheres, you can collect Mushrooms from around trees. You can use them to craft some Mushroom Items such as a Mushroom Wreath, a Mushroom Lamp, a Mushroom Parasol, and a Forest Wall.

ACNH September Critters (Bugs, Fish, Sea Creatures)

The critter-catching excitement is in full swing this September, with a host of new bugs, sea creatures, and fish to discover around the island. Keep your nets and fishing rods at the ready as you seek out these seasonal additions to the Critterpedia. Each one you find will not only add to your museum collection but also make your island an even more vibrant and lively place.

  • In the Northern Hemisphere, you can catch some new bugs such as the Cricket, the Bell Cricket, the Red Dragonfly, and the rare Violin Beetle. You can also catch some new fish such as the Pike, the Salmon, the King Salmon, and the rare Sturgeon. You can also dive for some new sea creatures such as the rare Giant Isopod and the elusive Chambered Nautilus.

  • In the Southern Hemisphere, you can also catch some new fish such as Anchovy, Horse Mackerel, Barred Knifejaw, Sea Bass, Red Snapper, Dab, Olive Flounder, Squid, Moray Eel, Ribbon Eel, Tuna, Blue Marlin, Giant Trevally, Mahi-Mahi, Ocean Sunfish, Hammerhead Shark, Great White Shark, Saw Shark, and the rare Coelacanth. You can also dive for some new sea creatures such as the common Sea Anemone, the colorful Sea Star, the spiky Sea Urchin, the tasty Scallop, the cute Sea Slug, the slimy Sea Grapes, the elegant Sea Fan, the mysterious Spotted Garden Eel, the venomous Flatworm, and the giant Horseshoe Crab.

ACNH September Weather and Scenery Changes

As September arrives, Animal Crossing: New Horizons undergoes a visual transformation, presenting players with picturesque vistas that mirror the real-world beauty of autumn in the Northern Hemisphere and spring in the Southern Hemisphere:

  • In the Northern Hemisphere, you can enjoy the changing colors of the leaves as they turn from green to yellow, orange, and red. You can also see some fallen leaves on the ground and in the air. You can also experience some foggy mornings and evenings, as well as some rainy days.

  • In the Southern Hemisphere, you can enjoy the blooming of the cherry blossoms as they cover the trees and the ground with pink petals. You can also see some butterflies flying around and some bees buzzing. You can also experience some sunny days and clear nights, as well as some windy days.

The ACNH September Update 2023 promises to be a time of enchantment, camaraderie, and exploration in the idyllic world of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. From heartwarming events like the Moon Viewing Day and the Harvest Festival to an array of seasonal items, DIY recipes, critters to catch, and mesmerizing changes in weather and scenery, players are in for a delightful experience that captures the essence of autumn's magic.

So gather your friends, explore the island, and immerse yourself in the wonders that September brings. Whether you are a seasoned island dweller or a newcomer to the game, this update offers something special for everyone. Happy gaming and happy autumn in Animal Crossing: New Horizons!

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