ACNH January Update 2024 - Events, Items, DIY Recipes & Critters in Animal Crossing New Horizons

12/26/2023 9:39:49 AM

The brand new year is coming to Animal Crossing New Horizons both northern and southern players.January brings a unique blend of cultural celebrations, seasonal activities, and new wildlife encounters.  Read our ACNH January update guide 2024, we’ll talk about the events, items, DIYs and critters! 


ACNH January Events & Items 2024 - Animal Crossing New Horizons January Guide 2024

In the northern hemisphere, January will be cold with snow on the ground. Temperatures will range from chilly to freezing. Snowflakes will fall from the sky. New critters that can be caught include the dace fish, crucian carp, freshwater goby, snowflake, and snowball. Some previous critters like the octopus leave this month as well. New additions are the sea slug and giant clam available to dive for. Whether you're cozying up in the snowy landscapes of the Northern Hemisphere or enjoying the warmer climates down South, this guide will ensure you don't miss out on any of the fun.


ACNH January Events & Items 2024

New Year's Day

When players log on to their island on January 1st, Tom Nook will speak to them about making a New Year's resolution for the new year, and new D.I.Y. recipes related to New Year's will be available to learn. Villagers will have unique dialogue mentioning their hopes for 2022, K.K. Slider will perform a special New Year's Day concert in the plaza with new songs, snow will continue falling, all shops and buildings will be open, and both winter fish/bugs and those only found in January can be caught through fishing and diving. Additionally, interacting with villagers will prompt new counter reactions acknowledging the start of a new year and checking in on the player's resolution, while the "Confetti" reaction can be purchased from Nook's as a fitting emote for the first day of the new year.

New Year's Day Items

Party poppers


Party hats

Sparkling cider

Lucky red envelope

Festive dress

Celebratory candles

New Year's noodles

Pine bonsai

Festivale items

Commemorative photos

K.K New Year's song



While the date is January 1st like the Western New Year, Shōgatsu traditions are celebrated instead which include villagers exchanging otoso candy, wearing colorful kimonos, and hanging kadomatsu decorations outside their homes made of pine, bamboo and plum branches to ward off evil spirits and invite good fortune. On the first three days, special Redd visits play Shōgatsu music and a Jiko Matsuri festival is held where villagers gather around a pauloma to pray. New DIY recipes like stacked wood and cupboard become available too. The islands are typically decorated with these winter animal crossing items throughout the first week of January to celebrate the Japanese new year. Villagers will have special dialogue wishing the player a happy new year and discussing their wishes for the new year.

Shōgatsu Items


Hanetsuki racket


Osechi ryori

Kagami mochi



Kimekomi doll


Suzuran garland


Kadomatsu wreath


Stacked wood

Wooden cupboard



On January 7th, villagers will acknowledge that Jinjitsu marks the official end of Shogatsu festivities for the new year. In the morning, residents partake in a ritual of pounding and eating mochi together with alcohol for continued good fortune. Traditional New Year's decorations like Kadomatsu are taken down from homes on this date as well. Redd also pays a special visit playing Jinjitsu music. Villagers may hold outdoor tai-kai games and enjoy leftovers from Osechi ryori feasts. Special craft recipes like mortar and pestle become available too. Residents seek fortunes at shrines, and the extended post-holiday social visitation period between neighbors wraps up on this final day of Shogatsu observance in the game.

Jinjitsu Items



Mochi-pounding tools (mortar and pestle)

Osechi containers

Omikuji fortune slips



C.J.'s Fishing Tourney

C.J. randomly hosts a Fishing Tourney event on the island on certain weekends, where players have approximately 90 minutes to catch as many fish as possible to earn points. Participants can earn extra points for catching rarer fish or catching multiple of the same kind in a row. Once the timer ends, C.J. calculates scores and rewards the top 3 finishers with prizes like fish trophies, clothing items, or DIY recipes while all participants receive a hot item reward to sell. After the competition, C.J. remains on the island talking about fishing techniques and will buy fish at premium prices until the next day. The relaxed fishing competition adds friendly fun to a player's island life.

CJ.'s Fishing Tourney Items

Fish trophies


Fish-print tee

Tackle bag

Fish-doorplate DIY

Fish pochette DIY

Fish rug DIY

Fish wand


Flick's Bug-Off

Much like C.J.'s Fishing Tourney, Flick randomly hosts a Bug-Off competition on weekends where for approximately 90 minutes players rush to catch as many bugs as possible to earn points. Rarer bugs or catching multiples of the same bug in a row gains extra points. After the timer ends, Flick totals the scores and rewards the top 3 players with trophies, bug-themed clothing or furniture DIY recipes, while all receive a hot item. Flick then remains on the island until the next day, appreciating the local insects and purchasing bugs at a premium price. This relaxed competition lets island residents show off their bug catching prowess and compete for fun prizes in the process.

Flick's Bug-Off Items

Bug trophies

Bug aloha shirt

Bug cage (bag)

Butterfly backpack

Bug wand

Bug poster DIY

Bug cage DIY

Butterflies wall DIY

Ladybug rug DIY


Big Game Celebration

On January 15, Isabelle will announce that a Big Game Celebration is taking place on Super Bowl Sunday. Players will find their villagers excitedly watching the game on TVs, throwing parties with snacks like chips and snacks, or tossing around footballs. New item recipes like football helmet, football toys, and football rugs can be obtained. Nook's Cranny and Able Sisters will sell sporty clothing and furniture related to the big game. Villagers may comment on their favorite team or plays. This lighthearted annual event allows American football fans to feel immersed in the real world sporting festival within the game through decorations, conversations and activities reflecting the Super Bowl that day.

Big Game Celebration Items


Football helmet

Football rug

Football toys



Sports jerseys

Soccer shirts

Basketball tank

Tennis sweatshirt

Football pitch accessories

Football blackboard wall

Protein powder items


Groundhog Day

On January 25, Isabelle will announce to residents that it's Groundhog Day and the famous groundhog Phil is visiting the island to make his shadow prediction. Villagers gather around their TVs snacking on small cupcakes and snacks to watch the livestream of Phil emerging from his hole, and they get excited either way depending on if his shadow is seen. If so, believing folklore means six more weeks of winter, indoors parties will be held while crafting Groundhog Day themed items provides festive fun. Phil then takes his leave as villagers discuss taking the outcome in stride, keeping their spirits light about the remaining winter season ahead on the island wherever Punxsutawney Phil's shadow may lead.

Groundhog Day Items

Groundhog figurine

Groundhog Day custom designs

Shadow wallpaper

Shadow flooring



Party poppers

Party hat

Party glasses




On January 25, Isabelle will announce that the island is celebrating Setsubun. Villagers are seen throwing roasted soybeans while shouting "Oni wa soto! Fuku wa uchi!" to cast out demons and invite good luck. Recipes for soybean pouches and demon masks are shared. Villagers share traditions and hope for a prosperous new year. At sunset, Jambette holds a ceremony throwing beans from a kadomatsu while wearing an oni mask. Residents then enjoy osechi ryori together. Through activities,food, and decoration items, the festive event helps players experience aspects of Japanese culture in a lighthearted way within the game.

Setusubun Items

Soybean pouches

Roasted soybeans

Oni mask


Osechi containers

Sake set

Zodiac animal figurines (for each sign


Lunar New Year (Chinese New Year)

Isabelle would announce that the island is celebrating the Chinese Lunar New Year with festivities spanning several days. Villagers can be seen decorating their homes with red envelopes, lanterns, and curtains. They share traditions of giving money in envelopes, hanging lanterns, and baking tangyuan balls. A lion dance performance by kung fu expert Wu brings excitement. Crafting recipes and shopping features red outfits and lucky gold fish. Fireworks shows and tea parties create a joyous atmosphere. Through iconic decor, delicious food, tradition sharing, and exciting performances within the game, players can feel immersed in the real world celebration of welcoming a year of fortune and prosperity according to the lunar calendar.

Lunar New Year Items

Red envelopes (hong bao)


Spring couplets

Zodiac animals decorations (e.g. Rat, Ox, Tiger)

New year pictures/scrolls

Tangyuan (sweet rice balls)

Yu sheng (prosperity toss salad)

Rice cakes

Nian gao (New Year cake)

Mahjong tile set


Lucky goldfish bag

Red outfit costumes

Lion dance head/ Uniform costume

Fireworks (for celebrations)

Lucky money plants

Good fortune bags


ACNH January DIY Recipes & Items 2024

In January for the northern hemisphere, players can collect materials to craft items from the Snowflake Series, Frozen Series and Festive Series DIY recipes, as these incorporate winter and holiday themes appropriate for the season. 

Snowflake Series recipes:

· Snowflake Pochette

· Snowflake Wreath

· Ski-slope Wall

· Ski-slope Flooring

· Iceberg Wall

Frozen Series recipes:

· Frozen Sculpture

· Frozen Arch

· Frozen Partition

· Frozen Tree

· Frozen-treat Set

· Frozen Bed

· Snowperson Head

· Snowperson Torso

· Snowperson Body

· Snowman

Festive Series recipes:

· Matryoshka

· Leaf Umbrella

· Tree's Bounty Mobile

· Tree's Bounty Lamp

· Tree's Bounty Little Tree

· Pine Bonsai Tree

· Tree Branch Wreath


ACNH January Fish, Bugs & Sea Creatures

FishBugsSea Creatures
Pale ChubCommon ButterflySeaweed
Crucian CarpPaper Kite ButterflySea Cucumber
DaceEmperor ButterflySea Star
CarpRajah Brooke's BirdwingSea Anemone
KoiMothSea Slug
GoldfishWaspPearl Oyster
Pop-Eyed GoldfishDamselflyOyster
Ranchu GoldfishMole CricketScallop
Freshwater GobyCitrus Long-Horned BeetleWhelk
BluegillDung BeetleAbalone
Yellow PerchBagwormOctopus
Pond SmeltAntDungeness Crab
StringfishHermit CrabSnow Crab
SturgeonWharf RoachRed King Crab
Sea ButterflyFlyAcorn Barnacle
BlowfishSnailSweet Shrimp
Sea BassPill BugMantis Shrimp
Red SnapperCentipedeLobster
DabSpiderVenus' Flower Basket

Blue Marlin

Football Fish




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