ACNH Villagers Tier List 2024 - Best Villagers in Animal Crossing New Horizon

12/27/2023 4:18:01 PM

Choosing which villagers to have live on your island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is an exciting part of the game. With nearly 400 potential villagers, deciding who would make the best neighbors can be overwhelming. When starting your search for dreamy, there are a few key things to consider: First, think about the personalities you want to be represented on your island. Next, consider the aesthetics of your island and look for villagers that fit the theme or vibe you want.


How To Choose Best Villagers in ACNH?

Here are some tips for picking the best villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons:

- Personality: Villagers have different personalities like peppy, jock, lazy, etc. Pick ones with personalities you like.

- Appearance: Choose villagers you find cute or appealing visually. Popular ones include Raymond, Marshal, and Audie.

- Species: There are lots of animal species to choose from. Go for your favorites like cats, dogs, and deer.

- Interior Decor: Villagers have unique home decor. Look up images online to find ones with interiors you like.

- Popularity: Some villagers like Marshal, Raymond, and Sherb are very sought after. Having popular dreams can be fun.

- Birthday: If you want a villager with the same birthday as you or a loved one, check their birthdays.

- Catchphrase: Villagers have catchphrases. Pick ones with catchphrases you find funny or cute.

- Friendship: Build friendships with your favorites by talking regularly and doing favors. Higher friendship means they may give you gifts.

- Balance: Try to have a balance of personalities and species to keep things interesting.

ACNH Villagers Tier List 2024

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