Animal Crossing Island Design Tier List Guide 2024

2/23/2024 4:10:28 PM

When you're ready to design your own Animal Crossing island, understanding the current design trends is a good place to start. With the arrival of 2024, many new design concepts and styles may be emerging, while some classic design elements still maintain their charm. Whether you’re following a trend or creating a space that’s personal to you, the most important thing is to create an island that reflects your personality and style.

In the Animal Crossing community, the popularity of designs often fluctuates with seasonal changes and updates of player creativity. However, some design concepts always attract widespread attention and become a source of inspiration for many players. Let's take a look at some of the island design styles that could be at the top in 2024.

S Tier - Classic and Timeless Design

-Natural style: Make use of a large number of natural elements, such as waterfalls, forests, streams, and diverse plants.

-Minimalism: Use a simple layout, clean lines, and a limited color scheme.

-Theme Park: Design inspired by an amusement park or a specific theme, such as a fairy tale village or a dinosaur park.

A Tier - Practical and Beautiful Design

-Town Center: Build a town with a business district, town square and recreational areas.

-Resort: Use beach, resort or tropical scenery as the theme to create a relaxing vacation atmosphere.

-Cultural features: Designs that reflect different cultures around the world, such as Japanese Zen gardens, Mediterranean-style towns, etc.

B Tier - Distinctive But not Common Design

-Retro style: Inspired by a specific historical period, such as classical Europe or a retro American town.

-Adventure Base: Design some mazes, jungles, or treasure hunter camps.

-Art Zone: an area filled with sculptures, paintings, music, and other works of art.

C Tier - Personalized but Possibly not as Popular Designs

-Specific themes: such as theme islands for movies, TV series, books, or specific games.

-Seasonal designs: Designs designed for a specific holiday or season may need frequent updates to maintain their appeal.

-Sports theme: includes the design of various sports facilities, such as basketball courts, football fields, etc.

D Tier - Designs that Require Appreciation by a Specific Group of People

-Extremism: Extremely exaggerated or special designs that only a few players may appreciate.

-Concept Art: Design that focuses more on artistic expression than practicality or in-game functionality.

-Experimental design: Trying out novel construction techniques or design concepts that may lack universal appeal.

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