ACNH Beginner Guide 2024 - Top 10 Tips & Tricks In Animal Crossing New Horizons 2024

2/28/2024 11:11:33 AM

Whether you're new to Animal Crossing New Horizons or you've been playing for a long time, there are always new things to learn. In this ACNH beginner guide 2024, we’re going over 10 must-know tricks that you'll hopefully wish you knew sooner.  


1. Finding Celeste

Finding Celeste can be a bit of a tricky problem sometimes. You want to find her so you can get those really cool DIY recipes but where is she? An easy way of finding her is doing group stretching. If you head to resident services and do group stretching in the morning, Celeste should hopefully show up with the other characters which will indicate that she is currently somewhere on your Island. This is a nice and quick way of seeing if she's there immediately. You could also head into the Roost and see if she's there. Moreover, you can get some decent rewards from doing group stretching such as exclusive reactions and some nook miles.


2. Inventory Items

People tend to find themselves carrying around their tools in their pockets all the time which is definitely a very common thing. However, there are some other things that you'll want to carry around in your pockets that could be even more useful.

-Workbench: You might want to carry around a workbench so that you can craft it at any time. Simply place the item anywhere on your Island and you can craft it. This means you won't have to head into resident services or go into your own home, you can simply craft from anywhere you would like. This is a great ACNH item to carry around because there are so many times that we need to craft especially if our tools break.

-Storage Shed: Another one of the best items in Animal Crossing New Horizons would be the storage shed. Having a storage shed on you is a must because you technically wouldn't even need to carry around all of those tools in your inventory as you could simply store them and take them out as you need them.

Bin: A lot of people don't know you can actually use these bin items to dispose of many different types of items that you don't want. This is much easier than just heading over to Nooks Cranny and selling them especially if the items have basically no value. So bringing a trash can with you wherever you go is another great life hack.


3. Rusted Parts

The storage bin in resident services is where you'll find a ton of lost and discarded items. But one that you might see in here often is the rusted parts that will appear once Gulliver

has visited now. These might not seem like they have any use but they do have one very important use and that's actually for crafting the robot hero. This robot hero needs a ton of these rusted parts and a bunch of different items. So the tip here would be don't ignore those rusted parts, take them out as soon as you see them, and hopefully you should gather even more of them once Gulliver has come to visit. They might not do much but they can be a useful crafting resource.


4. Island Inspiration

Since many players struggle with inspiration for decorating their island, a great way to get inspiration quickly is to use the surprise me option of the dream sued. This will allow you to visit a completely random dream Island and there are so many out there, that you could see thousands upon thousands of different types of unique islands all with their own themes and decorating styles. This feature is absolutely incredible and it's definitely a must-use if you're struggling to find ideas to your own Island.


5. Dream Visitors

To see how many people have actually visited your dream address, the simple way of doing this is going to the Nooklink app, the Nintendo Switch online app and you can see from your passport just how many people have visited via your code. That can help you keep track of how many people have visited as well as some of the recent dreams you visited yourself.


6. Avoiding Wasps

Wasps are very scary but there is one little life hack that makes it super easy to hide from them. All you need to do is go into a gazebo item and the wasp simply cannot get you. This is a fantastic little trick.


7. Coconut Trees

Speaking of wasps a way to completely avoid them is to shake and get resources from coconut trees, wasps will never spawn in coconut trees no matter what. You are completely safe from them, they'll only appear in the hardwood trees. That means if you need some fruit desperately or you want to get some wood from coconut trees, you don't have to worry about running into a wasp.


8. Infinite Nook Miles

Nook miles is another problem that a lot of players struggle with. If you want to get a ton of these, an easy way of doing so is if you have the Happy Home Paradise DLC, you can talk to Tom Nook and decorate villager homes. Tom Nook will give you 1,000 nook miles per decoration of a home and you can decorate all of your villager's homes in a single day. This way, you would get up to 10,000 nook miles per day simply by going into your villager homes and making a tiny change to them. You could just move one thing around and complete it. This will cost you bells ACNH each time but bells are a much easier resource to come by the nook miles. With this trick, you can effectively convert your bells into Nook miles which is really cool.


9. Villager Personalities

This next trick is for anyone who is starting up a new island. You can easily tell what the personalities of your first five villagers are going to be as they are completely set by the game. The first two that you encounter will be sisterly and jock no matter what, so it'll be out of a pool of any of those villages which have this personality. You can check sites like nookipedia to see which villagers have which personality. When you go hunting for them with your nook miles to get the next free that you create houses for a little bit later on, these will always be peppy, lazy and normal. Any of the villages you have those personalities you'll be able to find on a Nook Mile island to recruit or they'll randomly move into those free houses that you create for Tom Nook to increase the island. The game wants you to encounter certain personalities so that is why they do this.


10. Time Travel

If you do an easy way of time traveling in the game isn't to close out, it is simply to press the minus button to get ready to close. From there, press the home button, go and change the time on your Nintendo Switch as you usually would. Go back into the game and save and close by pressing the minus button. A lot of people would change the time and then completely restart their game by closing it and beginning again but you don't have to. As long as you change the clock whilst the game is still open and then press that minus button to save an end, that'll be an easy way of quickly changing the time.

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