ACNH TOP 25 Cutest Villagers Rankings - Cutest 25 Villagers in ACNH 2024

4/18/2024 5:27:52 PM

Animal Crossing is renowned for its charming artwork and adorable villagers that players can interact with. Each villager has their own unique personalities, designs, and catchphrases that have won the hearts of fans around the world. With over 400 different villagers across the various Animal Crossing games, whittling down the choices to the cutest ones was no easy task. However, after much deliberation, we've ranked 25 of absolute cutest villagers in ACNH based on their designs, popularity amongst fans, and other endearing qualities.

Animal Crossing TOP 25 Cutest Villagers Rankings 2024

TOP 25 - Lucky The Dog

While he may seem spooky at first glance with his glowing eyes and full body cast, Lucky's lazy personality ensures he's really just a wholesome pupper inside. His unique mummy-like design sets him apart from other dogs and gives him a cute supernatural vibe. Lucky has been a fan-favorite since his debut way back in the original Animal Forest game for Nintendo 64.



TOP 24 - Sherb The Goat

One of the newest villagers introduced in New Horizons. His pale blue coloring and lock of hair atop his head make him instantly adorable. Sherb also has a lazy personality, often telling the player silly stories about bugs in the walls. Fans appreciate his neat and tidy pastel-colored house that perfectly fits his relaxed nature.


TOP 23 - Ione The Squirrel

Her entire design is space-themed, with her fluffy tail resembling a galaxy. Ione's names in different languages reference stars and mythology, adding to her cosmically cute theme. Squirrels are already some of the cutest villagers, and Ione's unique design cemented her popularity.



TOP 22 - Maple The Cub

As one of the first cub characters to appear way back in the Nintendo 64 game Animal Forest, she's become an Animal Crossing icon. Her fur color resembling maple syrup gives her an adorably sweet look befitting her name. Maple's teddy bear-like qualities have endured her endless popularity over the franchise's many entries.



TOP 21 - Sasha The Bunny

Introduced in New Horizons, fans found Sasha's feminine design and name despite being male quite charming. His laidback lazy personality made him a fast favorite alongside other cute male bunnies like Dom. Sasha's cute contrast of colors including yellow hair and tail only added to his appeal.



TOP 20 - Poppy The Squirrel

As with other squirrel characters, Poppy's tiny fluffy body and oversized head are incredibly endearing. Her red coloring is a cherished classic look for this species. Having appeared in Animal Crossing: City Folk, Poppy gained wider recognition and even appeared as a racer in Mario Kart 8. Her friendly normal personality makes befriending Poppy a delight.



TOP 19 - Pekoe The Cub

Since debuting in Animal Crossing: City Folk, Pekoe has brought her adorably styled Chinese-themed appearance to every game. Her house filled with precious imperial furniture captures her elegant dainty nature. Despite being peppy like Pekoe, many fans gravitate towards her refined charm and traditional asthetic.



TOP 18 - Tia The Elephant

As a literal teapot, her design is clever without losing any cuteness. Tia's delicate pastel colors and the notion of an elegant teapot elephant was too cute an idea for fans to pass up. Her name relates closely to tea as well, tying her whole image together seamlessly. Tia's popularity inspired ample fan art celebrating her teapot concept.



TOP 17 - Cookie The Dog

Her pink coloring, glittering eyes, and peppy personality strike the perfect balance for this pup. Having appeared in most mainline games with the exception of Wild World, Cookie has endured as a fan-favorite since the series began. Her name referencing dog biscuits adds the extra cute layer for this all-time classic good girl.



TOP 16 - Rosie The Cat

As one of if not the most iconic Animal Crossing character, Rosie boasts a leading fanbase. Her sweet pink coloring and peppy loving nature resonated with players since Animal Forest. Rosie became a major character in the Animal Crossing anime and retained spotlight roles in other media as the years passed. For older fans, she brings nostalgic joy in her reappearances.



TOP 15 - Shino The Deer

As the only villager with horns styled after Noh masks, Shino's unique deer design stood out. Combined with her peppy personality, Shino captured widespread attention upon her New Horizons debut. Even predating her official announcement, dedicated fans eagerly crafted art of the striking doe day one.



TOP 14 - Merengue The Rhino

With pink skin, whipped cream topping her head, and a strawberry horn, Merengue is almost too sweet to handle. Fitting her gourmet style, Merengue's starter clothing and home kept to bakery themes. Her imaginative conception won many fans and inspired artwork galore focusing on her dessert cuteness.



TOP 13 - Kiki The Cat

Theorized to be named after Hayao Miyazaki's Kiki's Delivery Service, Kiki has endured as a classic since the start. Her shiny black coat shows off her glittering eyes, enhancing her charm. As a normal peppy kitty, Kiki gives delightfully sweet friendships to all players. Her timelessness only adds to her enduring appeal.



TOP 12 - Aurora The Penguin

With her classic coloring, heart-melting button eyes, and normal friendly ways, Aurora is the cutest penguin imaginable. Referencing nature like the aurora lights fitting of her Antarctic home, Aurora charms all players with ease. Her icy decor captured in New Horizons only boosts her winsome nature even higher.



TOP 11 - Beau The Deer

Since debuting in New Leaf, Beau's half-closed sleepy eyes and chilled expression melt fans' hearts. With his love of flowers and knack for watering many at once, Beau shows his laziness doesn't remove his kindness. His pleasant easygoing ways earn instant friends throughout the community without effort. For relaxing smooches, Beau remains top pick.



TOP 10 - Sylvana The Squirrel

Yet with her markings resembling a ferret, Sylvana stands apart with her picnic-nestled home exuding picnic charm. Her love of spring and normal friendly self grant lasting companionship, even amongst cynical villagers. Sylvana still impresses with her unique facade despite early origins in Animal Forest e+.



TOP 9 - Lolly The Cat

What truly pushes Lolly's appeal skyward lies in her missing nose, amplifying her cuteness tenfold. Whether by Japanese sodas inspiring her name or sweets as her English meaning, Lolly demands snuggles either way. Her soft pink fur tones and sweet bonbon ways capture fans' hearts with ease. Lilly pads her top ranking potential without question.



TOP 8 - Etoile The Sheep

Her design draws from Sanrio's Little Twin Stars for a pastel purple and pink star-shaped appearance. Etoile's devotion to celestial themes resonates through homes filled with constellations and favorite songs of skies. Normal villagers earn friends easily, and Etoile's starry form captured all with her Christmas debut. Her ethereal essence shines endlessly bright.



TOP 7 - Judy The Cub

Her royal pastel hues of blue and lilac complement regal air, yet wooden block house expresses youthful wonder within. Despite snooty ways, Judy's lush coloring and refined tastes hold undeniable charm. Artists celebrate her perfection while players delight meeting her prince-like self at every chance.



TOP 6 - Kid Cat The Cat

As part of the superhero crew along Agent S, Rocket, Filly, and Big Top, Kid Cat fits his role perfectly. Between muscular frame and ever- secrecy via psst catchphrase, Kid Cat impresses with super cuteness always on standby to save the day. Villagers relish his company without fail.



TOP 5 - Chai The Elephant

Chai has a peppy personality, which means she is often in a good mood and easy to become friends with. She tends to over-react in conversations about trivial subjects and is usually over-excited to see the player or other villagers.



TOP 4 - Gala The Pig

Gala has a normal personality, which means she is friendly, hospitable, and has an unseen obsession with hygiene and cleanliness. She is open-minded and neutral when discussing hobbies and gets along easily with other villagers.



TOP 3 - Apple The Hamster

Apple has a peppy personality, which means she is always in a good mood and easy to become friends with.



TOP 2 - Dom The Sheep

His colors pop with fluffy white fleece, rosy snout and sky blue mane. Ever joyful, Dom shares hopes of becoming fitness super star with diligence and care. Artists depict his dedication constantly in funky fresh styles. Villagers and players alike root for Dom's success daily with unwavering supportiveness.



TOP 1 - Molly The Duck

Molly is a brown Mallard duck with large spots of hot pink blush on her cheeks. She has black eyes and a slightly darker brown flower-like spot just above her beak. The tips of her wings are white, and she has a golden-colored beak and orange feet . Molly has a normal personality, which means she is generally kind and friendly towards the player. She gets along well with other normal and peppy villagers but may have conflicts with cranky and sisterly villagers.



While impossible to definitively crown one singular villager as cutest, this ranking provided a lighthearted glimpse into 25 exemplary animal friends bringing sweetness to the Animal Crossing world. Regardless of ranking position, each villager contributes a delightful essence to every player's island experience. In a community known foremost for warmth, the villagers stand tallest as crown jewels generating smiles from all who meet them.

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