ACNH Mushroom Season 2024: Release Date, DIY Recipes, Spawn Locations & Time

4/24/2024 11:53:34 AM

Mushrooms are an essential part of the fall season in Animal Crossing New Horizons. They are used to craft various mushroom diys. In our ACNH mushroom crafting guide 2024, we'll be going over how to get mushrooms, where you can find them, the dates you'll be able to find them on your island and how to get the diys for all the mush items.


ACNH Mushroom Crafting Guide: How To Get Mushroom DIY Recipes?

In the Animal Crossing series, mushrooms emerge during the fall season. These fungi come in various types, each carrying different values in Bells based on their rarity. Beyond serving as selling commodities, mushrooms in Animal Crossing: City Folk and Animal Crossing: New Leaf may also belong to the Mushroom Series. In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, they can be utilized in crafting items from the Mush Series that can be sold at Tom Nook's store for 5,000 acnh bells each. Next, let's check everything you should know about Mushroom Season in Animal Crossing New Horizons 2024!

ACNH Mushroom Season Release Date

Northern Hemisphere: November 1-30

Southern Hemisphere: May 1-31

ACNH Mushroom Spawns Locations

In order to make colorful mushrooms, you'll need to find mushrooms. Mushrooms can be found under regular trees, they'll spawn under the regular sapling trees. You'll want to make sure to plant some regular saplings around your island to increase the spawn rates of the mushrooms. If you only have one tree, you're not going to get as many mushrooms. Keep that in mind, also mushrooms can spawn in the ground. So you're going to want to look for dig sites as well. 

ACNH Mushroom Spawns Time

Mushrooms can be found from between 8:00 AM and 9:15 AM. At 8 AM, five mushrooms appear near random trees in different acres around town. Every 15 minutes after 8 AM, one random mushroom will disappear due to being found by a villager. To obtain all five mushrooms, the player must collect them all before 8:15 AM. If mushrooms are picked up and dropped again, they may still disappear on each 15-minute interval until 9:15 AM.

How To Get ACNH Mushroom DIY Recipes?

These mushroom diys can only be found in balloons. You'll want to have your slingshot on you at all times to shoot down as many balloons as possible in order to complete your mushroom set. These ACNH diys are just as hard to get as the cherry blossom diys, so you definitely want to make sure you have a slingshot or two on you at all times.

All ACNH Mushroom DIY Recipes

Mushroom Log

  • Materials: 2 skinny mushrooms, 1 log stool

Mushroom Wreath

  • Materials: 10 tree branches, 1 round mushroom, 1 skinny mushroom, 1 flat mushroom

Mushroom Partition

  • Materials: 3 skinny mushrooms

Mushroom Table

  • Materials: 2 flat mushrooms, 6 wood

Mush Lamp

  • Materials: 1 skinny mushroom, 5 clay

Mush Low Stool

  • Materials: 2 round mushrooms

Mush Parasol

  • Materials: 3 flat mushrooms

Mush Umbrella

  • Materials: 3 flat mushrooms

Mushroom Wand

  • Materials: 3 skinny mushrooms, 3 star fragments

Mush Wall

  • Materials: 1 elegant mushroom, 1 round mushroom, 1 skinny mushroom, 1 flat mushroom

Forest Flooring

  • Materials: 1 rare mushroom, 2 round mushrooms, 2 skinny mushrooms, 2 flat mushrooms, 10 clumps of weeds

Forest Wall

  • Materials: 2 elegant mushrooms, 2 round mushrooms, 2 skinny mushrooms, 2 flat mushrooms, 10 wood

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