New Lego Animal Crossing Sets Announced With Bringing Back RVs

4/30/2024 4:48:07 PM

Some new Lego Animal Crossing sets haven recently announced with bringing speculations about RVs. Let’s take a look at the latest news you should know about Animal Crossing! 

Animal Crossing New Lego Sets Announced With Bringing Back RVs

Whilst things have been quiet on the game side for Animal Crossing, Nintendo has been pretty busy with the franchise as of late. Meaning there's been quite a lot of Animal Crossing news to report on. Specifically Nintendo has been doing a lot in the way of collaborations with Animal Crossing and other brands. And this is good to see because it just grows the franchise even further and that's good news for the future of the games. As we all know one of the latest and biggest collaborations is with Lego and Nintendo just announced some new Lego Animal Crossing sets. This time releasing some of the biggest and best sets we've seen so far. However, there's one particular detail with these new sets that has gotten the Animal Crossing community talking, and has led to a lot of speculation. 

Now one of the strangest things about this new Lego Animal Crossing set which will be releasing on August the 1st is this Edition, this is KK Slider RV from Animal Crossing New Leaf's welcome amiibo update. You can't see KK Slider Rock up to resident services with his RV, in fact you don't see the RVs at all anywhere in the game. Here's a little refresher for what they looked like back in Animal Crossing New Leafs welcome me update, and that's pretty much the last time we saw them outside of Animal Crossing Pocket Camp.

New Lego Animal Crossing Sets Announced With Bringing Back RVsNew Lego Animal Crossing Sets Announced With Bringing Back RV

Now interestingly, this isn't the first time that we've seen them bring something from Animal Crossing New Leaf to these New Horizons Lego sets. After all we saw Isabelle in her outfit from Animal Crossing New Leaf. Although this definitely made a lot more sense to us given this is probably her most iconic outfit, after all it's the one we see in Smash in Mario Kart, so if it makes sense that'd use that. But KK sliders RV feels like a very strange addition to add to a set that is predominantly based on Animal Crossing New Horizons, not New Leaf. So as you can imagine speculation has ranged from where we see a new update with RVs in Animal Crossing New Horizons to maybe we'll see an Animal Crossing New Leaf remake, and probably that will not be the case for either of those.

Nintendo is just experimenting adding some things from past games, just because they're trying to make these sets not necessarily based purely on New Horizons, but on Animal Crossing as a whole. This is based on resident services which is literally only in New Horizons, this would appeal to Animal Crossing as a franchise rather than just one game. And so in the future, these sets won't really age poorly when New Horizons is a much older game since they'll incorporate elements from lots of different Animal Crossing games, Ie could imagine them bringing things like the RVs Back to Future Animal Crossing games. It's even entirely possible that Lego themselves just saw this with KK Slider maybe when they googled him to do some research for the set or something and decided it would be a cool and fun addition that they could easily add and Nintendo didn't have any complaints.

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