ACNH May Day Maze Walkthrough 2024 Guide: How to Get Rover Rewards

5/6/2024 4:52:23 PM

Today we're exploring the May Day Maze in Animal Crossing New Horizons, and breaking down every step you need to take to unlock the secret of Rover's Maze, and obtain all the rewards hidden around the Island. 

ACNH May Day Maze Walkthrough 2024 Guide: How to Get Rover Rewards

The May Day event in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is an exciting tour event that allows players to explore a special maze and earn bonus items from the beloved character, Rover. We highlight everything you need to know about beating Rovers May Day Maze, and how to get all of the secret May Day prizes in Animal Crossing New Horizons 2024. 

- Because there are a bunch of ways you can complete this maze, by only 1 correct way to get all the bonus items. Starting off simple, walk ahead and grab the shovel and dig up the bush to obtain a fruit.

- Next, eat the fruit to get Fruit Power and then use this to dig up the tree.

- Now, from here, you can go multiple ways, just make sure to jump over the 2 gaps ahead of you, ignoring the East paths, until you come to the end. Head left and jump over another gap to obtain a Tree Branch.

- Continue around the direction you're heading and jump over the 2 gaps ahead of you, and this takes you to 3 new paths, each with a Tree Branch the other side. Jump over the right hole first to obtain the branch and stone. Then jump over the middle one to get the branch and make sure to walk all the way down to find the Worn Axe, then head back and jump over the left hole to the 3rd and final tree branch in this area. 

- This is where most people will fail the Maze, or even complete the maze but without all the rewards that are available. Don’t continue forwards, even though you can, instead turn around, jump over the left hole, head west and jump back over the 2 holes until you reach the tree in the very top left of the Maze. This is the tree we need to use the axe on, in order to obtain everything we need to collect all the available rewards. Anyway, chop the tree down with the axe. It will break afterward. Just make sure you haven’t used it until you get to this tree.

- Then collect the tree branch and the 2 pieces of fruit in the new area ahead. 

- Now, this is the next place most people will fail again, even if they did the first trick correct. From here, continue down and head back to the 3 holes by jumping over the 2 holes ahead of you. Jump over the left-most hole, continue around, jumping over another hole until you find a rock, eat 1 of the 2 fruits you, just to make sure you don’t accidentally use more than you should, and break the rock with your shovel. Collect the Iron Nugget as your reward.

- Head back again, pretty much all the way back to the start in a figure of 8, until you’re back in the middle of the maze and take the East path that we ignored right at the start and collect the 3 pieces of wood. Anyway, once you’ve collected the wood, walk down and you’ll see a rock. Use the second piece of fruit we saved earlier to break the rock. Head South collecting a piece of fruit along the way, and use it to dig up the tree at the bottom, opening up the area and giving you access to the DIY workbench.

- If you followed it correctly, you should have all the crafting materials you need to craft a Flimsy Axe, and then use that to craft a normal Axe! This is an important step, because without the normal axe, your Flimsy Axe won’t be enough to make it through the rest of the Maze.  

- It’s time to backtrack to the center of the maze. The quickest way is to the 3 holes until you get to one of the last trees that’s blocking a small area with 2 pieces of fruit behind it. Use your new axe to chop this tree down, and obtain the fruit, but don’t eat them yet! 

- Next is a bit long-winded, but we now need to head all the way around the Maze back to where we collected the Iron Nugget. The quickest way is to head North over the gap, head around anticlockwise until you get back to the 3 holes where the 3 tree branches were, and jump over the left hole, continuing around until you get to the tree we ignored earlier. Once you’ve arrived, you can chop this tree down with your axe, and continue North picking up another piece of fruit along the way, and jumping over a second gap until you reach the 3 mysterious trees in a row at the top of the Maze! 

- Now you should have 3 fruits by this point, but the secret to Rover’s Island is to not eat them yet, and instead just use your axe to chop them down, and one by one, sit on them, and turning to access the next. Don’t use your shovel, just chop the trees down, sit on the stumps and jump to the next. Once you’ve made it through the 3 trees, Rover will greet you and reward you with his Rover’s suitcase. 

- Now following on from the secret of saving the fruit, it’s time to collect our additional rewards. 

- Dig up the bushes next to Rover to obtain 4 bell vouchers, which are pretty cool items to have. Make sure you collect the ones directly hiding behind the hedge row, because they are dif

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