ACNH 2024 May Day Event Guide: Best Ways to Complete Rover's Maze Walkthrough

5/14/2024 5:39:15 PM

The May Day event in Animal Crossing: New Horizons allows players to participate in a special maze and earn rewards from Rover. To complete Rover's Maze and obtain all the hidden rewards, follow this guide.

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May Day Maze Walkthrough Step-by-Step Guide

The maze is part of the May Day event that typically runs from May 1st to May 7th. Keep in mind that the layout of the maze can change each year, so this guide is specific to the 2024 layout. Before you head to the airport to participate in the May Day event, ensure your inventory is empty. Rover or Tom Nook will hold onto your items during the event.

Step1. Arrival: After flying in, you'll start in the bottom left corner of the maze. Pick up the shovel lying in front of you.

Step2. First Obstacle: Use the shovel to dig up the shrub directly in front of you and collect the fruit behind it.

Step3. Power Up: Eat the fruit to gain strength, allowing you to dig up the tree blocking your path to the right. Dig up the tree.

Step4. Collect More Fruit: Continue to the right and collect one more fruit. Eat it to dig up another tree blocking the path upwards.

Step5. Head North: Move upwards in the maze and collect the shovel lying there.

Step6. Clear the Path: Use the shovel to dig up the shrubs blocking your path to the left and move left.

Step7. Strategic Digging: There's a tree blocking a path downwards. Do not dig this up yet. Instead, head all the way left until you reach another fruit. Eat the fruit.

Step8. Make a Path: Now, go back and dig up the previously mentioned tree to move downwards.

Step9. Gather Tools and Resources: As you move down, you'll find another piece of fruit. Eat it and dig up the next tree blocking your path to the right.

Step10. Loop Around: Continue moving to the right and then up to find another piece of fruit. Eat this fruit and head back down to dig up another tree, clearing your path to the right.

Step11. Final Steps: Move right, then up, and you'll find a ladder. Could you pick it up?

Step 12. Use the Ladder: Use the ladder to climb the cliff directly above you.

Step13. Rover's Meeting: Once you're on the cliff, head right to meet Rover. He will converse with you and give you a briefcase as a souvenir for completing the maze.

Step14. Exit: After the conversation, continue to the right where you’ll find Wilbur ready to take you back home.


May Day Reward Items

1. Bell Voucherx9: Pick up from the May Day maze/Receive in mail.

2. Rover's Briefcase: Complete the May Day maze once.

3. Rover's Photo: Complete the May Day maze twice.

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