Nintendo Direct June 2024 Leaks: ACNH 3.0 Release Date, Zelda & Kirby Leaks

5/23/2024 11:06:01 AM

Nintendo themselves recently confirmed the next Nintendo Direct will air sometime in June 2024. Unfortunately, they have yet to confirm an exact date, but it's definitely happening, as this was addressed in a recent Tweet where they also confirmed they will be officially revealing the Nintendo Switch's Successor sometime before April 2025! 


Nintendo Direct June 2024 Update Predictions

Given that we only really have the Paper Mario, Luigi’s Mansion 2, and Nintendo World Championships currently left to arrive on Switch, which will all be released between now and July, the Nintendo Direct in June is set to reveal what games will launch in the second half of 2024, and in the lead up to the Nintendo Switch’s Successor! Honestly, this is completely unknown territory, Nintendo is always full of surprises, so could announce anything! Today, we're going to talk about 3 Nintendo Direct July 2024 predictions!

1. Animal Crossing New Horizons 3.0 Update

It's way too early for a new mainline game, but the timing is absolutely perfect for either a huge update to New Horizons, much like the ACNH 3.0 release date update we’ve been talking about for a couple of years now, or the more likely scenario, some kind of remake or spin-off. As you know, one of the final titles to release on Switch is currently set to be Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD, which is a 3DS remake, so there's really no reason, New Leaf couldn’t also get this treatment. Given that the Switches Successor is just around the corner, the logical move by Nintendo would be to focus on ports, remakes, and remasters for the next 6 months until the Switch’s successor launched. Animal Crossing is the perfect candidate to appear in this direct. After all, Animal Crossing New Horizons has recently surpassed 45 million sales, so Nintendo will want to continue to push these sales and potentially capitalize on Animal Crossing, before moving to the Switch 2, and inevitably moving onto a New Horizons sequel. 

Hoping for a New Leaf remake, it's a wonderful Animal Crossing game. Given it sold 13 million units, it means 30 Million Animal Crossing. Fans never got to play probably one of the best Animal Crossing games! But, if not, we'd settle for some kind of spin-off, to see us through to the Switch 2. 

2. Remake of Zelda

We'd also love to see remakes of the Legend of Zelda Oracle games come to Switch, in the art style of the Links Awakening remake! As this will be the "remake season" for Nintendo the Direct will likely focus on ports, remakes, and remasters, with maybe a huge game to finish off the year. So given it’s been a year since Tears of the  Kingdom, it's the perfect time to see something from the Zelda series,  and the Oracle games would be amazing. There are rumors of a new Zelda game, but at this stage of the Switch's life,  we're unlikely to see any new mainline games for Zelda or Animal Crossing for that matter. Instead, remakes or some fun little games would be perfect. 

3. Kirby Port

In June, we'll likely see at least 1 Wii-U port come to Switch. It's totally feasible given the Wii-U didn't sell too well compared to the Switch, so Nintendo will likely want to capitalize on some of those past games. With the success of Kirby and the Forgotten Land, it's entirely possible that Nintendo would want to do something with the Kirby franchise, as you know  Nintendo loved to release Kirby games recently. Anyway, one rumor in particular that's surfaced recently, based on a trademark renewal is a potential port for Kirby and the Rainbow Curse. This would make perfect sense! It's a super wholesome and adorable game, it wouldn't be too difficult to port, and would be a great content filler for Nintendo. As they slow down Switch releases,  and move onto its successor. Even with focusing on ports or remakes, they're going to want to stick with bigger names, like Animal Crossing, Zelda, Kirby, and probably even another Mario game! 

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