ACNH Flower Breeding Guide 2024: Layout, Cloning & How to Get Blue Roses Fast

6/14/2024 11:50:48 AM

Flower breeding is a challenging thing in Animal Crossing New Horizons, especially for obtaining some rare colors and species. Why won’t my flowers breed and how to breed hybrid flowers efficiently? Let’s focus on ACNH flower breeding layout, cloning, genetics, methods, and more.  

ACNH Flower Breeding Guide 2024

ACNH Flower Breeding Guide 2024

ACNH Flower Cloning: How to Clone Flowers in Animal Crossing

You are able to farm eight types of flowers in different colors, including windflowers, hyacinths, lilies, pansies, roses, tulips, mums, and cosmos. In New Horizons, cloning may happen in different situations. The first scenario is when only one flower is watered and there are no other flowers around it, it has to clone itself. Another way to clone flowers is to breed two flowers of different species next to each other, such as a red windflower and a yellow lily, and water them, it is probably to clone from both flowers. For rainy or snowy days on your island, you don’t need to water your flowers. 

ACNH Flower Breeding Layout & Pattern

When we are discussing the layout for breeding flowers in the game, there is no fixed answer. Actually, there is no perfect method to get every one of the flowers, just remember to breed two flowers of the same species next to each other in your flower breeding section, the way to put your flowers is depending on your preference. We’ll still list some of the popular layouts, try these patterns if you need them. 

- 5x5 Grid: a popular and efficient layout for breeding flowers, it allows for easy organization and management, and is a good way for creating hybrid flowers. To create a 5x5 layout, place five flowers in a row, then leave one space, and repeat the pattern for a total of five rows. 

- 3x3 Grid: a 3x3 layout is used as it makes the best use of space while capable of breeding hybrid flowers. 

- 12x12 Grid: ideal for players who want to create a flower garden or farm. To create a 12x12 grid, place twelve flowers in a row, then leave one space, and repeat the pattern for a total of twelve rows. 

- Circular Pattern: use this when you are going to build a circular flower bed or garden. 

Why Are My Flowers Not Breeding in ACNH?

Flower genetics play a crucial role in determining what hybrids are produced. Without the proper genetics from parent flowers, certain hybrids like the blue rose will be nearly impossible to breed. If the flowers do not have the genetics you want, chance of spawning specific-color flowers. 

How to ensure the flowers have the best genetics? Start flower breeding from seed bags, complex hybrids like roses require very specific genetics that are difficult to get with randomness alone. 

How to Get Blue Roses in Animal Crossing?

To get the blue rose, you need to have special hybrid red roses that have genes created from breeding other hybrid flowers together. Even red roses from seeds may not have the qualities needed for blue roses. Leave the hybrid flower in a separate space, water it, and you will get an accurate copy of the flower, which has the correct genes and can be used to cultivate the next generation of flowers. Label breeding sections to identify parent hybrid pairs and spot abnormal offspring. And be patient, as hybrid success isn't guaranteed each watering - get a friend to help water for better odds. Proper planning, layouts, and keeping clones of hybrids with desired genetics are needed to efficiently breed rarer hybrids in New Horizons. 

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