ACNH Best Beach Decor Ideas 2024 - How to Decorate Types of Beach Scenes

6/20/2024 11:35:40 AM

Whether you're looking for inspiration to decorate your beaches in Animal Crossing or just enjoying some beach decor inspiration, we've got you covered with these 10 beautiful beach ideas from the popular game ACNH.


1. Rustic Overgrown Beach

Transform your beach into an overgrown, forgotten shore with scattered seaweed, rotten turnips, and a general vibe of decay. This creates a realistic, slightly polluted look that brings a unique charm to the beachfront.


2. Gerudo Town Inspired Oasis

Drawing inspiration from *The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild*, recreate Gerudo Town with a desert marketplace vibe. Use sandy colors and desert-themed items to mirror the aesthetics of a bustling bazaar right on your beach.



3. Nighttime Wheat Field

Plant wheat fields on your beach to add an overgrown, natural aesthetic. This look is particularly striking at night, offering a serene and rustic atmosphere that stands out from typical beach themes.


4. Outdoor Beach Gym

Set up an outdoor gym complete with basketball hoops and a small locker area. This not only utilizes the beach area but encourages a healthy, active lifestyle with stunning ocean views as the backdrop.


5. Beachside Music Festival

Create a lively festival atmosphere with live music stages, colorful balloons, and a bonfire. This setup is perfect for evening gatherings, glowing beautifully under the night sky and enhancing the communal vibe.


6. Juice Bar Corner

Utilize the corner of your beach to establish a quaint juice bar. Decorate with vibrant colors and include amenities like an infused water dispenser and comfortable seating to attract visitors for a refreshing break.


7. Autumn Beach Sitting Area

Embrace the fall season by decorating a part of your beach with autumn-themed items, such as pumpkins and colored leaves. Include a cozy sitting area to enjoy the seasonal beauty right by the water’s edge.


8. Farmers Market on the Beach

Convert a section of your beach into a farmers market with vibrant produce stalls, alternating fences, and gyroid workers. This not only fills the space effectively but also makes it walkable and visually appealing.


9. Luxurious Beach Lounge

Design a luxurious beach lounge area with plush seating and a slushy dispenser. Use soft, matching colors that complement the ocean and create a relaxing space for island visitors to unwind.


10. Campsite on the Beach

Innovatively use the beach for your island's campsite, complete with kid’s tents and cozy campfire setups. This offers visitors a stunning beach view and a memorable camping experience.


Items or Materials that Work Particularly Well for Creating These Types of Beach Scenes

Experiment with mixing sand paths, natural ground items, and beach and ocean furniture for realistic coastal atmospheres anywhere on the island. Here are some key ACNH items, bells and materials that are great for creating diverse beach decor scenes in ACNH:

- Sand paths: Create natural-looking beach paths and areas. Custom designs allow patterns.

- Beach towels: Perfect for picnics, lounging, and adding character to scenes.

- Bamboo items: Partition spaces. Screens, partitions, and fencing have a beachy feel.

- Palm trees: Central to tropical island vibes. Look good clustered or singular.

- Ocean creatures: Seashells, starfish, and swimming crabs add realism.

- Beach balls: Fun summer item that comes in different colors.

- Umbrellas: Protect from the sun. Come in many styles to suit beach themes.

- Cafe furniture: tables and chairs work for picnics or juice bars near water.

- Exercise equipment: Items like weight benches and basketball hoops.

- Gyroids: Make cute decorations or characters. Fit festival and market vibes.

- Market items: Stalls, baskets, and placed items bring farmers' markets to life.

- Tents: Great for camping scenes near shores. Customization adds options.

- Illumination: Lights, campfires, and paper lanterns set nighttime scenes. 

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