ACNH July Updates & Changes 2024 - Events, Items, Birthday & Critters in Animal Crossing

6/24/2024 11:33:38 AM

July is upon us in Animal Crossing New Horizons and that means you're either in the hot months of summer or in the frosty months of winter depending on which hemisphere you're in. Read our ACNH July update guide 2024, we'll talk about the events, items, birthdays, critters and changes.

ACNH July Update 2024: Events, Items, Birthdays & Critters

In Animal Crossing New Horizons July update 2024, there are a bunch of things going on around your Island. From limited-time ACNH items for you to collect multiple events for you to enjoy and a bunch of different seasonal changes, July is a great month! Next, let's take a a look at some ACNH July updates and changes 2024 that will be happening for your island.

ACNH July Events 2024

1. Fishing Tournament

On July 8, there will be a new Fishing Tournament happening now for both hemispheres. During this event, you'll be tasked with catching a certain amount of fish within a time limit to get prizes from C.J. who will appear in your Plaza. To enter, you talk to C.J. who explains the rules - you have 3 minutes to catch fish and earn 1 point per fish, plus a 2 point bonus for catching 3 or more fish. All fish caught are stored in C.J.'s cooler and can be sold back to him for bells or kept. Players earn trophies (bronze, silver, gold) based on accumulating point totals of 100, 200, 300 over the whole tournament day. Points can also be exchanged with C.J. for various fishing-themed prizes like poles, clothing items, and wallpapers/rugs.

2. Bug-Off

For players in the northern hemisphere, we will have another summer Bug-Off and this will be taking place on the third Saturday of the month.  It's hosted by Flick from 9AM-6PM. To participate, the player talks to Flick who explains they have 3 minutes to catch bugs. Each bug caught earns 1 point, with a bonus of 2 points for catching 3 or more bugs at once. Caught bugs go into Flick's bug cage and can be sold back or kept. Points can be redeemed with Flick for bug-themed items in exchange for 10 points each. Trophy prizes are awarded at point thresholds of 100, 200, and 300 total points. It can be a really great opportunity to get some ACNH bells as well.

ACNH July Items 2024

Like every month in Animal Crossing, we get some new limited-time items from the Nook Shopping Tab, and whilst they're on a ton to collect this month. There are some really cool ones that you should definitely get your hands on as soon as possible before they disappear here.

Tanabata: July 1 - 7

Cowboy Festival: July 15 - August 15

Marine Day: July 17

Le 14 Juillet: July 10 - 20

ACNH July Changes 2024

1. Bush

For the Northern Hemisphere, the hranger bush will stop blooming from the 20th. So make sure you enjoy this bush is pretty blooming whilst you still can, as it won't be too long until it stops blooming for the rest of the year. With every summer, the hibiscus bush will start blooming from the 21st. This push is so summery, it epitomizes summer in Animal Crossing New Horizons. So this is a great one to have around your Island if you want a summery themed look.

2. Scenery

There will be some slight seasonal changes that you can expect to see as well if you're in the northern hemisphere. The grass is going to get an even darker green throughout the month as we're reaching the peak months of summer. With it becoming this really dark green next month in August. Unfortunately, there won't much changes in terms of scenery for those in the southern hemisphere since things are going to be very snowy for a while.

3. Weather 

If you're in the northern hemisphere, then you can expect to see some of the special weather patterns like heavy rain and thunderstorms too. You also have a chance at seeing the rarer double rainbows which are always a really great sight in the game.

4. Aurora Borealis

If you happen in the southern hemisphere, you can enjoy the Aurora Borealis which is so pretty. This is the best weather for phenomenons in the whole game while they don't appear too often.

5. Feature

Those with Nintendo Switch online can head over to the missions and rewards section to collect villagers to use as their profile pictures who will be celebrating their birthday in July. If any of those villagers that you really like and you want to collect them as your profile picture, you can do that through the Nintendo Switch online section of your switch, it's all connected.


ACNH July Birthdays 2024


ACNH July Critters 2024

We're going to break down the new fish, fish, and deep sea creatures in Animal Crossing New Horizons July.





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