ACNH 10 New Museum Design Ideas & Inspirations 2024 - Best Museum Ideas to Upgrade Your Island

7/1/2024 5:14:53 PM

Animal Crossing New Horizons allows players to create their own unique island paradises. One of the key features of the game is the museum, where you can donate fossils, creatures, and artwork to be displayed. However, with a little creativity, your museum can become more than just a place to house your findings - it can be a true centerpiece of your island. Here are 10 new museum ideas in ACNH to help you take your island to the next level. 

ACNH 10 New Museum Design Ideas & Inspirations 2024 - Best Museum Ideas to Upgrade Your Island

If you are looking for inspiration to upgrade your ACNH museum, check these 10 best ideas for museums in ACNH island with each design code. It starts with a stunning museum design featuring clever use of custom designs and banners. A Legend of Zelda inspired museum area with ruined items and star fragments is showcased. Impeccable terraforming leads up to another beautiful Museum design. An urban area with a dilapidated city vibe housing the museum is highlighted. Various themes like fairy core, spooky castle, pineapple farm, and elegant city are explored in different museum designs.

#1. DA-8022-1133-2164

The curtains are used here with custom designs to elongate the building, it's like a giant museum. This is so clever, the vertical banners used on either side just look so stunning and even the leadup to the museum is very pretty. The little bench seating area just feels very welcoming and very well done, it's like a little city spot. Also, these custom designs are so cool. There's a coffee shop in the leadup to the museum because coffee and the museum go together. Anyway, this museum is stunning.

#2. DA-799454046973

This museum area is inspired by Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time, but the aesthetic of it is easily appreciated by anyone who plays Animal Crossing, this is just a stunning Museum set up. The star fragments here stand in for elemental stones from the game, everything looks stunning. This is such a cool Island.

#3. DA-4397-0085-1031

This is stunning, what impeccable terraforming, this is so beautiful and what a natural little leadup. The custom designs here on the ground are so good, the pathing is just well done, we have a little reference to the interior of the museum with a fossil on the ground, kind of creepy, coming up on a skeleton but this is just lovely. The hedges here on the side kind of framing, this area giving that side a little bit of height, it does a good counter with the other side being all water, it looks really lovely.

#4. DA-1646-1258-5800

urban area with a dilapidated city vibe MUSEUM

This island features a sort of urban area for the museum, this one has a more dilapidated rough Dusty City, it looks phenomenal, we've got like post winter vibes going on, so the snow is melting away, you can imagine the smell in this urban environment, but the museum just nestled back here in the back of the Island still looks phenomenal. These pillars on either side of looks really good, and then on the other side is a little shop, this is like a dilapidated City Vibe, that's why there are Rusty buildings and stuff. 

#5. DA-7691-9161-7626

There is another amazing leadup to this museum, the little sign is pointing you way as you go down that land bridge, and then this one is tucked away down here in this little sunken area surrounded by waterfalls and cliffs. It's so beautifully terraformed. All of the Illusions to little fossils around the bug models just look so good together. 

#6. DA-3492-2659-2585

Something about this island is so fun to walk through, the aesthetic is so nostalgic somehow, it's giving early Animal Crossing for some reason maybe it's the pathing or the waterfalls, this build is just so pretty. There is also a simple Plaza, this island has just been super easy to Traverse, if you want an island without clutter, if you want one that is easy to run around and very practical, we highly recommend visiting this island, it is a joy to run around. 

#7. DA-6064-5798-9106

What a gorgeous theme, this has like a fairy core mushroom core vibe happening on this island. We love the Majestic museum, top the tallest possible cliff. And if you come down onto the beach, there's actually stuff on the beach that relates to the museum, a little study area, this is super cool to see a little dick side here on the beach, also some gifts around. 

#8. DA-8791-9367-0994

Look at the flamingos in the back, they're in love, it's a hard building to work with since you can't ever move it, you have to upgrade the museum to be able to move locations. This is super duper good, this is adorable.

#9. DA-0860-4245-2351

spooky museum ACNH

This is a completely different theme, this spooky island this is the museum behind this building. It's cool to see, it is completely obscured by the castle items that it better fits the theme just like it's important to know how to work the buildings into your theme, it's also important to know how to conceal them if they just won't work and this one looks so cool. Look at the Little Knights on either side, if you are looking for a bit of an alternative theme for your Island, this is super inspiring, very awesome. 

#10. Fairy Core Museum 

The very last museum for you today is this one, some more almost fairy core vibes, it's like an elegant almost fairy core city, all of the star d├ęcor, the illumination here is so pretty. The lushness behind the museum is cool, all the trees and vines making it very closed in, it just feels super natury even though we have this city buildup to it. The full Plaza area is just stunning. 

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