ACNH Best Tree/Bamboo Spacing & Orchard Layout Guide

7/3/2024 5:19:53 PM

If you're having trouble growing trees or layout your orchard in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH), then look no further. This guide will provide the perfect solution to optimize your tree spacing, orchard layout, and bamboo spacing on your island. Let's get started!

Animal Crossing New Horizons Tree Spacing

ACNH Tree Spacing - How To Correctly Tree & Baboom Space in Animal Crossing?

Whether you're looking to create a luscious orchard or a serene bamboo grove, understanding the space requirements and strategic placement of trees is crucial for both the aesthetics and functionality of your island. Let's dive into the best practices and tips for maximizing your space and enhancing your island's beauty.

1. Basic Tree Spacing Rules

Space Requirements for Tree Growth - How Close Can You Plant Trees?

To ensure that your trees grow properly, adhere to the following spacing guidelines:

  • Trees Need 1 Free Space Around Them to Grow: A tree requires one free space in all directions to fully grow. Obstacles like cliffs, water, or buildings in these spaces will prevent the tree from growing.

  • Flowers and Bushes: These do not count as obstacles and can be planted next to tree saplings without hindering their growth.

  • Minimum Spacing for Mature Trees: Once fully grown, trees can be closer together but must still have at least 1 space between them to thrive. You should be able to walk between them easily.

2. Best Tree Spacing & Orchard Layout

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Grow Trees in a Separate Area: Start by planting your tree saplings with a minimum of two spaces around them to ensure they grow. You cannot grow an orchard from scratch in a densely packed area.

  2. Transplanting Trees: Once your trees are fully grown, you will need to transplant them to your desired orchard location. Here’s how:

  • Eat Fruit: Go into your inventory and eat a fruit (e.g., an orange). This will give you the strength to dig up a fully grown tree.

  • Dig Up the Tree: Use your shovel to dig up the tree, which will then be stored in your inventory.

  • Plant the Tree: Go to your orchard area and dig holes with a one-space gap between each to plant the trees. This layout ensures the densest possible arrangement while allowing the trees to thrive.

Efficient Layout: Create rows of holes to plant your trees. For example:


This layout provides a one-space gap between each tree, maximizing your orchard’s density.

Example Layout 1:

For a 12x5 grid, you can use the following layout:


This pattern ensures each tree has enough space to grow while allowing easy navigation for harvesting fruit.

Example Layout 2:

1st row: oxoxoxoxoxo
2nd row: xoxoxoxoxox
3rd row: empty
4th row: empty
5th row: oxoxoxoxoxo
6th row: xoxoxoxoxox

Level 1 line of gap after planting the 1st and the 5th row, it will look super dense and natural yet organized!


Make sure each tree has its own empty space around it (the empty space cannot be shared by another tree's empty space). So if X is a tree and - is a space, each row needs: -X--X--X--X--X- etc. And then between each row, you should have two empty rows of spaces:

ACNH Tree Spacing & Orchard Layout

3. Bamboo Spacing

Planting Bamboo

If you're thinking about planting bamboo for bamboo shoots, keep in mind the following:

  • Bamboo Shoots: Bamboo shoots will spawn in the 8 spaces surrounding a bamboo plant. However, bamboo itself cannot grow directly adjacent to other bamboo plants.

  • Spacing for Bamboo Shoots: To allow bamboo shoots to grow, space the bamboo plants apart. For example, using a configuration like this prevents overcrowding:



    In this setup, “B” represents bamboo plants, and “X” represents empty spaces. The spacing ensures that new shoots have room to grow.

4. Advanced Tips for Tree Layout

Terraforming and Orchard Design

Once you unlock terraforming tools in the game, you can further customize your island’s terrain to create dedicated orchard areas. This allows for more space and flexible designs for your orchard.


Surrounding your orchard with fences can help define the area and improve aesthetics. Be sure to leave enough space between the trees and the fences to prevent fruit from bouncing outside the enclosure.

Tight Spacing Trick

If you prefer a more compact orchard, plant the fruit trees with plenty of space initially. Once they are fully grown, dig them up and replant them in a tighter grid. This way, the trees will continue to produce fruit even when placed close together.

By following these guidelines, you can create a beautiful and efficient orchard on your island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

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