Amazing ACNH Resort Island Design With Frozen Castle, Playground, Robot Park, Chinese Restaurant & Zen Garden

9/2/2020 4:33:32 PM

This is definitely a beautiful island suitable for leisure and vacation, with ice and frozen theme castles, giant Robot Heroes, outdoor Chinese restaurants, fountain parks, outdoor billiards and more. Use Frozen items to create an ice castle-themed cafe or cold drink shop on the island. Multiple game consoles (Arcade Combat Game, Arcade Fighting Game, Arcade Mahjong Game) and jukeboxes are arranged together, together with Billiard Tables, to construct a leisure and entertainment playground area. And the fun-filled fountain park with giant robot heroes and Teacup Ride will definitely become a children’s paradise. After you have fun, don’t forget to go to the Chinese restaurant on the island to enjoy the food. There is also the Zen Garden decorated with bamboo and terracotta. If you do love this design, you can easily get these ACNH Theme Packs on AKRPG.COM.

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