Fresh Style Kitchen With Green Plants Decoration - Animal Crossing New Horizons Interior Design

9/2/2020 10:04:14 AM

Beautiful kitchen decoration with fresh style. It has a lot of green plants decoration like Cacao Tree, Bamboo Wall Decoration, Chic Windflower Wreath, Coconut Wall Planter, Hanging Terrarium and Iron Wall Rack. The kitchen setting is fascinating, and every space is used. The front row is the cooking area, with refrigerator, Frying pan, Ironwood Kitchenette, Dish-drying Rack, Cutting Board , Stand Mixer. There is a chocolate birthday cake on the  table. There is also Espresso Maker and a Retro Stereo. I guess it should be playing birthday song now! Making good use of these green plants  ACNH items will refresh the style of the entire room.

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