Modern Sunny ACNH Kitchen With Black Tone Furniture - Best Animal Crossing Room Designs

9/17/2020 7:11:43 PM

This modern sunny ACNH Kitchen tells players that you can also devise amazing kitchens without Ironwood, but this kitchen setup is way more aesthetically appealing than the ironwood set. The black furniture (potted ivy, infused water dispenser, bonsai shelf, hanging terrarium, and table, this items you can buy from Nooks with Animal Crossing bells or DIY by yourself) is matched with the bright landscape wallpaper and the white floor so that the whole kitchen is full of modern and fashionable beauty. The player combined a few small Iron items (ironwood clock and chairs) with mostly other kitchen-related ACNH furniture parts for a very clean result, made even more impressive by their choice of window-like landscape Animal Crossing wallpaper. As shown in the tips in the video, wallpaper, color, and many other factors can spruce up a kitchen to the point where its lack of Ironwood does nothing to diminish its beauty. It’s a combination of it being very clean looking and being one of the only sets that look good as kitchen furniture out of the box. 

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