ACNH Modern Minimalist Bedroom Design - Best Animal Crossing New Horizons Room Ideas

9/19/2020 7:32:34 PM

This is an Animal Crossing bedroom with a modern minimalist style, all these ACNH items used in the design can be bought from AKRPG.COM at the cheapest prices. There is no excessive decoration, but it is readily available. Use log furniture (Wooden Simple Bed, Wooden Wardrobe, Wooden Full-length Mirror, Ironwood Dresser, Office Desk) with some green plants (Cypress Plant) and a Palm-tree Lamp, surely you can add some individuation with some miscellaneous such as Portable Record Player, Tiger Butterfly Model. There are also windows with a view outside the window, with pink wallpaper, making the whole bedroom more bright and warm. Desktop Computer and Acnh Nintendo Switch are placed on a simple table. This is the formal way of modern young people living alone. You will feel that this is your room. Or you can raise a cat and place her in a warm Pet Bed. Welcome to check out more amazing ACNH Room Designs

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