ACNH Cute Pastel Wooden-block Room - Best Animal Crossing Room Design Ideas

9/21/2020 7:25:50 PM

Want to have a colorful and lovely room in Animal Crossing New Horizons? Then Wooden-block set items are an indispensable choice. You can buy these Animal Crossing Items directly at the lowest price from AKRPG.COM without wasting time to DIY. Such childlike furniture fills your room with bright colors. No need to decorate too much, just put the Pastel Wooden-block items (Table, Chest, Bed, Bench, Bookshelf, Stereo, Chair, Stool, Clock) in the room reasonably, it can make people shine. Coupled with the Starry wallpaper and decorations such as Starry Garland, it is absolutely impressive. And if you want to craft these ACNH items by yourself, you must not collect related materials and Animal Crossing DIY Recipes.

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