ACNH Cottagecore Cabin (Rustic Retreat) - Best Animal Crossing New Horizons Interior Design Ideas

10/15/2020 7:34:18 PM

Cottagecore has become the most desired way of life for people in 2020. However, such a life is difficult for most people to achieve in real life. Then create a small wooden house full of original natural flavors in Animal Crossing New Horizons to make your dream come true. In this video, we show you a Rustic Retreats with surprisingly sleek interiors by incorporating wood elements. Tucked away in nature, these rugged cabins and barns conceal remarkably refined living spaces. Inside, a smart mix of rustic and contemporary elements make for dynamic space: natural-stained Cabin Wall, Red Kilim-style Carpet, cark wood accents, minimalist Log set furniture and other natural Animal Crossing items. With a coat of paint and new appliances and furnishings such as the Throwback Mitt Chair, Brake Tapper, and Rock Guitar, space maintains its cozy cabin feel, while also feeling fresh and new. If you need more cheap Animal Crossing Bells to design your house, welcome to AKRPG.COM.

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