ACNH Chinese Imperial Them Bedroom - Best Animal Crossing New Horizons Design Ideas

11/11/2020 7:06:33 PM

Welcome to our best ACNH Room Design recommendation. We are committed to sharing various styles of design ideas with all Animal Crossing New Horizons players. Hope the design we shared can bring you some unexpected inspiration. If you want any ACNH Bells, Items, or Nook Miles Tickets, don't forget to go to AKRPG.COM to buy at the most favorable price. Today we are sharing a minimalist Chinese royal style bedroom design. As we all know, the imperial series furniture has complex textures and a strong sense of ancient architectural beauty. The designer cleverly used blue furniture and matched it with red wallpaper, which is a perfect color match! No need to decorate too much, you only need to add a few more small ornaments (such as plant and tea set) to make the retro vibe deeper.

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