Fancy Kitchen In Animal Crossing Department - Best ACNH Room Interior Design Ideas

11/16/2020 10:16:57 AM

Create a high-end apartment in Animal Crossing New Horizons, living in a skyscraper can overlook the bustling scenery outside the window. As for a fancy ACNH kitchen design idea, use black furniture with minimalist style like Double-door Refrigerator, Espresso Maker, System Kitchen,  Magnetic Knife Rack, Gas Range. Place decorative items Yucca, Bonsai Shelf and Hanging Terrarium to make this Animal Crossing kitchenette more alive! Most importantly, choose Cityscape Wallpaper can show off the beautiful nightlife of a prosperous Animal Crossing New Horizon city! Do you like this ACNH modern kitchen design idea? Welcome to buy ANCH items and ACNH bells to create your favourite kitchen.

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