ACNH Artsy Retro Living Room Decor - Animal Crossing New Horizons Interior Design Ideas

1/19/2021 4:38:30 PM

In this room design, we choose this reddish-brown as the base color scheme for the whole room,   this kind of color can create a sense of happiness when you enter the room, gives you warmth. and then using the same color base on the lighting fixture,  the fireplace,  the flooring, the wallpaper, and its ornaments, etc. especially the mini pagoda model adding a little surprise into the room. it's all about ornaments. so that's the general philosophy for this room, and if you enjoy our decor collections, you can check out more creative designs on, we also provide services for you to buy cheap ACNH items, ACNH bells, ACNH Nook Miles Ticket here at!

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