Romantic ACNH Valentine's Day Bedroom Decorating Ideas - Bedroom Ideas Animal Crossing

2/5/2021 2:40:02 PM

Valentine's Day is coming to Animal Crossing New Horizons and it's nearly upon in the real world! It's celebrated as the day of love. You can do something special on February 14th this year by decorating the bedroom with an air of romance that is captivating. From styles, themes and colors to d├ęcor and DIY ideas, this video has a bit of something for everyone! We showcase the latest romantic Valentine's bedroom decorating ideas in Animal Crossing New Horizons. 

The whole room is rendered in purple - noble and elegant, very suitable for the theme of Valentine's Day. There are a collection of beautiful purple dresses and Starry Garland hang on the wall, The floor lamp is a purple color, the floor carpet is purple, the Star Net is Purple Hyacinths stands on the Log Stool. All the ACNH items presented in the video are purchasable on AKRPG and hope you can create a romantic and warm Valentine's Day bedroom in ACNH!

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