ACNH Cozy Cottagecore Bedroom For Spring | Cottagecore Interior Design Tutorial

2/28/2021 11:13:21 AM

Take a look at the cottagecore design ideas for bedroom in Animal Crossing New Horizons spring!

You can see all of the ACNH furniture items on the right of this ACNH cottagecore bedroomd design ideas video including Imperial-themed items, Rocking Chair, Cancer Table on the corner. Choose the Rosewood Flooring, an Imperial Bed and an Antique Mini table will be nice, a fireplace is what this cottagecore interior bedroom about. Get some plants (Anthurium Plant, Cherry-blossom Bonsai, Mini-cactus Set) on the table and make this nature-inspired ACNH interior room. 

If you are ever struggling with creating detail in your house and making it realistic, definitely recommend adding a bunch of tiny items that you would see in someone's actual home in real life like vases and flowers, a Chessboard, Globes, and some candles. 

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